Mattie filesMattie Lawson devastated her opponent, former Democrat Arthur Williams, in the Republican runoff yesterday, defeating him by a 2 to 1 margin.  Lawson will now face well-funded Democrat Paul Tine of Dare County in November.

Lawson won all four counties by wide margins despite being vastly outspent.  She took her home county of Dare with 81% of the vote, Williams’ home county of Beaufort with 59%, Washington with 62% and Hyde with 58%.  Final results:  Lawson 67%, Williams 33%.  Lawson was outspent by her opponent 8 to 1. Williams saturated the district with mailers, radio and tv but could not overcome the grassroots enthusiasm of Lawson.  Williams was one of several ‘political machine’ candidates to do down in eastern North Carolina primaries this year.  Activists and voters have sent a clear message to the political establishment.  They will not be force-fed a candidate.  They can and will work hard for candidates that reflect their values.  They can and will turn out the vote.

The Tea Party favored candidates in the statewide races were swept to victory in yesterday’s runoff.  The grassroots activists turned out the vote for their candidates in stunning numbers.

Dan Forest buried his opponent for Lieutenant Governor, beating him with 68% of the vote.  Dan campaigned tirelessly across the state and had the enthusiasm and endorsement of Tea Party groups from the coast to the mountains.  He will face full-on progressive Democrat Linda Coleman in November.  Ms. Coleman believes we must “hold industry, government and the business community accountable when it comes to natural resource consumption”.  She will advocate for “Clean Green policies” and will ensure “a smooth implementation” of Obamacare.

Mike Causey smacked down Richard Morgan for Insurance Commissioner with 57% of the vote.  Causey also traveled the state from end to end, garnering support from Tea Party groups.   Morgan was a former House Rep. with a bad reputation, even among voters in his own County of Moore.  Causey defeated him there by 2 to 1.   (more…)

It’s Runoff Day!

Vote between 6:30am and 7:30pm today at your regular polling place

Your vote is crucially important

My picks for the Republican ballot are:

Dan Forest – Lt. Gov

Mike Causey – Insurance Commissioner

Ed Goodwin – Secretary of State

John Tedesco – School Superintendent

Mattie Lawson – NC House 6


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The Dare County Republican Party has elected several new officers of the past few months.  Due to resignations for various reasons, vacancies in all four Executive Committee Officer positions were filled recently.  Just last week, we elected a new Vice Chair after long-time party leader Perry White stepped down.  The election for Vice Chair included three nominees:  Francis D’Ambra of Manteo, Maureen Liverman of Colington and Dave Conley of Frisco.  Two ballots were taken as the first resulted in a tie between Liverman and Conley.  The second ballot produced a winner:  Dave Conley of Frisco.  Dave rounds out the new slate of Republican leaders in Dare County.  Congratulations, Dave!

Executive Committee:  Chair, Browny Douglas; Vice Chair, Dave Conley; Secretary, Jim Early; Treasurer, Bryan Oroson

At-Large members:  Carole Warnecki, Hickman Finch, Sandra Clark, Zene Fearing and Rob Hawk

The Dare GOP meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month, in different locations.  Visit their website

Dare GOP Ex Comm: Bryan Oroson, Treasurer; Browny Douglas, Chair; Dave Conley, Vice Chair; Jim Early (not pictured), Secretary

Dare GOP Ex Comm: Bryan Oroson, Treasurer; Browny Douglas, Chair; Dave Conley, Vice Chair; Jim Early (not pictured), Secretary

In a candid exchange on Facebook with Truth or Dare, Speaker of the House Thom Tillis defended Arthur Williams publicly once again and inserted himself unnecessarily, once again, into our local House race. Tillis engaged in a debate with Truth or Dare and then deleted this blogger’s comments as well as some of his own, saying that Truth or Dare’s posting of these comments represented behavior that diverted attention from more important issues.  Tillis then banished this blogger to the land of un-friends.

Tillis tried to prop up Williams’ liberal voting record and then defended his own intrusion into the NC6 race. Probably realizing that he’d stepped into it once again, Tillis removed certain comments from the thread including my comments and some of his own, and un-friended me. Fortunately, technology being what it is, Truth or Dare captured the full exchange before it disappeared from Facebook. It is posted below for your reading pleasure.  You can still find parts of these comments on Tillis’ personal FB page, at least for now.


by Diane Rufino

I understand that Rep. Walter Jones has come out to support Arthur Williams in the run-off election for NC House for District 6. I’m sure there is a political reason.

I have great respect for Rep. Jones and appreciate his position on the NDAA, immigration, and use of military force. I know he has a big heart when it comes to our military. But nevertheless, he is a politician.

I’d like to offer support for Mattie Lawson, who won the primary but was challenged by Williams in a run-off.  I’m not a politician. I have no money invested. I have no promises to fulfill.  I owe no favors.  I have no agenda other than making sure that the NC General (more…)

Campaign finance reports released by Arthur Williams’ campaign show that Williams’ campaign paid Jeremy Adams $900 on the day that Jeremy Adams publicly endorsed Mr. Williams .  A second payment of $900 followed one month later.  Both payments were labeled ‘Consulting’.

If these payments were made to former NC House 6 candidate Jeremy Adams, this is indeed troubling. Truth or Dare, however, is unable to confirm if these payments went to the aforementioned Jeremy Adams or someone else named Jeremy Adams.   The campaign finance entries made by the Williams’ campaign are incomplete and do not provide enough detail to confirm the identity of the recipient.

The data posted to the NC SBE website for Williams’ Q2 filing does not show the address or city of the consultant Jeremy Adams.  It  lists Mr. Adams occupation as Insurance Salesman.   Losing NC6 candidate Jeremy Adams lists his occupation on his campaign (more…)

Obama is a man that keeps his promises.  Remember his promise that ‘electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket’ under his administration?  Well, here it comes.  Dominion is proposing a 20% increase in rates, the majority of which they say is needed due to their increased cost to comply with state and federal emission regulations.

While Obama did not get Cap & Trade passed, he has been implementing his plan to regulate CO2 (the air you exhale) by executive order.  Those plans are going to cost us billions.  Obama tells us himself that we will bear those costs and that we will just have to get used to it.

Dominion makes very clear the reason for the needed rate increase.  In their letter they state that one of the three reasons for the rate increase is (more…)

Hundreds of self-proclaimed non-citizens may have been stealing the vote in Wake County.  Five hundred thirty voters provided proof that they were non-citizens and hence ineligible to serve as jurors in Wake County, yet, according to State Board of Elections data, they registered to vote and did vote.  When challenged on this, the Wake County Board of Elections held a sham of a hearing and threw out over 500 legal challenges brought by North Carolina’s Voter Integrity Project (NC-VIP).  Now the NC-VIP needs our help to expose this fraud.

Using court records, NC-VIP identified Wake County residents who excused themselves from jury duty by providing proof that they were non-citizens.  NC-VIP then matched those records against the voter file in Wake County and found that 530 people who declared themselves to be non-citizens registered to vote and did in fact vote.  In some cases, the voting took place before or very soon after their declaration of non-citizenship.  NC-VIP challenged these voters to the Wake County Board of Elections and requested that additional records be produced to verify the citizenship status and therefore voting eligibility of these individuals.  The Wake BoE held a joke of a hearing and dismissed 512 of the challenges.  What made it a joke was that (more…)

Bill CookThanks to the efforts of Representative Bill Cook, the Hatteras and Knotts Island ferries will remain toll free. Rep. Cook, who is running for the Senate 1 seat now held now by Stan White, lobbied hard for a correction in the Senate version of the budget that would have implemented new ferry tolls on the Hatteras Island, Knotts Island and the Neuse and Pamlico River routes and increased tolls on all other routes.  Due to his efforts, the Senate revised their final budget bill to include a moratorium on any new or increased tolling through June 30, 2013.  The final budget was passed on July 2nd when the House overrode Governor Perdue’s veto.

Last year’s bi-annual budget contained an exemption for Hatteras and Knotts Island ferry tolls but lawmakers in the Senate wanted to remove that exemption this year to make up for transportation spending in other areas, including spending on the mid-Currituck Bridge.  After Representative Bill Cook personally appealed to Senate Pro Tem Berger in the final hours of the budget negotiations in the Senate, (more…)

OBX Tea Party believes that the following candidates on the ballot for the July 17 Runoff best represent the Tea Party values of limited government, fiscal responsibility and free markets:

NC House 6:  Mattie Lawson

Lieutenant Governor:  Dan Forest

Insurance Commissioner:  Mike Causey

Secretary of State:  Ed Goodwin

State Superintendent:  John Tedesco

Early voting is underway.  Dare County voters can vote at the Board of Elections, located at 954 Marshall C Collins Drive in Manteo,  from 8:30-5pm Monday through Friday through July 13th and on Saturday, July 14th from 8:30 until noon.  Vote in your home precinct on Tuesday, July 17th from 6:30am until 7pm

Click here here to download the flyer to share with your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.

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Aware of the destructive and insidious nature of Agenda 21-style policies, the Dare County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed an anti-Agenda 21 resolution at their Feb 20, 2012 meeting. Commissioner Jack Shea led the charge and we thank him for his leadership.  It was passed by the five Commissioners who were present.  Commissioners Richard Johnson and Max Dutton did not attend the meeting. While this resolution only states our County leaders’ opposition to such policies and does not repeal any policies currently on the books, it is a good start.  It sets an example for the towns in Dare County to follow.  It is now up to us to hold their feet to the fire and inform the Commissioners when we see Agenda 21 creeping into proposed policies and legislation.  And if there are policies and laws on the books that should be repealed, we must find identify those and bring them to the attention of the Board. We must also encourage the towns to adopt this resolution.  Take a copy of this resolution to your local town meeting and speak during the public comment phase and pass out the resolution to all the members. Encourage your elected officials to view the video below.

Click here for the actual resolution

WHEREAS, Dare County was founded on the basic American principle of private property ownership and the right of local governments to develop communities in ways that are beneficial for its citizens; and

WHEREAS, these uniquely American principles are threatened by Agenda 21 initiated at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in 1992 at Rio de Janeiro which represents a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering, and global political control; and

Continue reading…

usa-birthday-bannerThe Colington Yacht Club, I’m told, voted not to host an Independence Day parade in the harbor this year. Patriotic sailors, boaters and kayakers, nonetheless, took to the water and showed their love for this great country and celebrated Independence Day, just as they do every year.  As we battle for our freedoms in this country from a tyrannical ruling class, we have to look no further than our own backyard to see an example of Americans pulling together to do what they do best, all without the hand of big brother telling them when, how and where to do it.

Rosie Hawthorne, of the local blog Kitchens are Monkey Business, shot some great video (below the fold)  and the other half of Truth or Dare provided the context.  Enjoy! (more…)

Recent actions by Speaker Thom Tillis have riled eastern North Carolinians.  Many wonder why the Speaker of the House would be meddling in their local State House and Senate races.  Is he doing it for money? For his ego? Nay, I say.  Rather, we must ask the age old question:  Cui bono?

To understand why he’s meddling, we have to look at the Speaker’s goals and then figure out how his meddling could help him achieve those goals.  It’s like a puzzle.  You have to see the big picture on the box before the pieces start to make sense.  The picture on the Tillis’ box looks like this: (more…)

Diane Rufino, Tea Party Leader, Scientist, Attorney

Truth or Dare is pleased to welcome Diane Rufino to our staple of contributors.  Diane is a leader of the ENC Tea Party and is a dedicated patriot.  She is a scientist, attorney, wife and mother.   You can read her bio here.  She writes about constitutional issues on her blog For Love of God and Country.

Voter ID Laws are About Confidence and Integrity

by Diane Rufino, June 15, 2012

What is the purpose of laws?  John Locke taught us that the primary role of government is to protect the sovereign rights of man, namely his Life, Liberty, and Property.  “The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom. For in all the states of created beings, capable of laws, where there is no law there is no freedom. For liberty is to be free from restraint and violence from others…”   In other words, laws derive from the laws of nature, particularly human nature.  Laws serve the good in man and punish the evil.  Laws protect the good members of society and therefore encourage such conforming behavior, while punishing and deterring bad conduct.  Therefore, the good of society is served and rightful expectations are rewarded.  Citizens agree to abide by laws with the implied understanding that laws are instituted to protect them and their general liberty interests, as our republic itself is designed.

As we move farther away from the urgent liberty concerns of the Revolutionary War and even the second World War, as we care less and less about how secure our freedoms are, as we care less and less about the warnings our Founding Fathers left for us, and we begin to care more about our high standard of living and our comfort, we see the consequences of that transition…..  envy, irresponsibility, crime, and corruption.

Of course, we all know that we still have a federal system here in the United States, which means that we are a federation of sovereign states with a ‘common’ government which is vested with certain powers to serve those states.  As such, (more…)