November 2009

Congressman Walter Jones addressed a group of Dare County citizens today over lunch at the Black Pelican.  He spoke about the pending healthcare reform bill, the economy and the war in Afghanistan.

Jones is strongly opposed to the healthcare reform legislation being pushed by the Democrats.  He urged all concerned citizens to contact Senator Kaye Hagan as she may be one of those Senators who could swing either way.  Citizens expressed frustration with trying to reach the Senator via phone, several noting that they could not even connect to her office and were receiving an ‘all lines are currently busy’ message.  Jones suggested contacting her regional offices.  All of Senator Hagan’s contact info can be found here.

Jones said that two of his worst votes were for (more…)


Just came across this blog by Russ from Nags Head.  I think y’all will like it.

One more, this one’s about Carova



The E-City TEA Party blog has posted some great conservative links.  Check it out.

Top legislators in the North Carolina GOP have asked the GOP Executive Committee not to close the primaries to Unaffiliated Voters.  The legislators believe that Unaffiliated Voters are the key to winning and that barring them from the primaries will not win their confidence.  Civitas seems to agree.  This blogger completely disagrees with their conclusions.

Many Unaffiliated Voters (UV) are registered that way here in Dare County because (more…)

You all remember Bob Steinburg from the TEA Party?  Check out his latest column in the Daily Advance.

Another prospective Democrat challenger for Richard Burr’s US Senate seat has declined to run in 2010.   Dennis Wicker, former Lieutenant Governor and former member of the NC House of Representatives has declined to run.  Wicker cited the difficulty in raising $15M to wage both a primary and general election campaign.  Last week, Congressman Bob Etheridge of the 2nd NC Congressional District and former NC State Senator Hal Cunningham both declined to run.  That makes Elaine Marshall, current NC Secretary of State, the only declared Democrat candidate.

The good news for Burr is that his approval ratings have increased almost 10% over the past month according to a poll done by Public Policy Polling.  The November 12 poll shows his approval/disapproval rating moving from 36/35 in October to 40/31 in November.  Those upward trends are across all voters.  His biggest jump, a whopping 47% increase, came from among Democrat voters.  He’s up 28% among Independents and up 7% among Republican voters.  The polling also shows Burr beating all potential Democrat rivals including Marshall (45/34).

Despite the positive polling, let’s not get complacent and assume that this seat will remain RED.   The Dems want this seat badly and they will fight for it.

Wes Carter, son of Rusty Carter (see Nov 16 post), is a chip off the old block.  In my last post, I told you about the multitude of people from Rusty Carter’s Atlantic Corp who donated large amounts of money to Marc Basnight in 2008.  Well, they are not the only people with holes in their pockets.  It seems that several of the of principals and employees of Hobbs Uphurch & Associates of Southern Pines  also donated large sums of money to Senator Basnight, right around the same time as the Atlantic Corp people.  Why is that interesting?  Because Wes Carter works for Hobbs Upchurch.  Between the two Carter connected companies, Marc Basnight received $120,000 or 10% of all his personal donations.  Given the connection between Mr. Carter and former Governor Mike Easley (again, see my last post if you missed it) and all the funny business surrounding them, I find these donations…interesting.  You?

Atlantic Corp people donate $40,500 on 4/15

Hobbs Upchurch people donate $27,500 on 4/24

Hobbs Upchurch people donate $24,000 on 10/22 and 11/1

Atlantic Corp people donate $28,000 on 10/24 and 10/31

UPDATE MAY 3, 2010:   Wes Carter of Hobbs Upchurch says that he is not the son of Rusty Carter.  While ToD investigates the genealogy of Wes Carter, we stand by the thrust of the story which is that Hobbs Upchurch employees made very unusual donations to Marc Basnight.

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