On October 19th, Commissioner Virginia Tillett brought forward a resolution supporting the Democrat version of healthcare reform.  The measure was defeated 2-5. Voting against the measure were:  Mike Johnson, Jack Shea, Max Dutton, Richard Johnson and Allen Burrus. The resolution is below.

Please email the Commissioners who voted ‘No’ on this ridiculous resolution to express your support for them.  It is important that they hear from you as Commissioner Tillett vowed to bring up the matter again with revised language.

Mike Johnson
Jack Shea
Max Dutton
Richard Johnson
Allen Burrus

Also email Commissioners Judge and Tillet and tell then that you do not support this resolution or the government take-over of healthcare.
Warren Judge
Virginia Tillett

The resolution was not on the agenda and was not distributed to the public or the other Commissioners prior to the meeting.  The actual resolution is not included in the Minutes of the meeting.  It was brought to the meeting by Commissioner Tillett.

The resolution is part of a nationwide effort by the National Association of Counties (NaCo) to pressure Congress to pass the Democrat version of healthcare reform.  NaCo sent sample drafts to all counties.  A quick search of the internet finds this matter on the agenda of many counties across the country.  The draft is entitled:   A RESOLUTION URGING IMMEDIATE PASSAGE OF COMPREHENSIVE FEDERAL HEALTH REFORM LEGISLATION and calls for counties to endorse legislation that provides access to affordable, quality health care to all.

Click the link below to see the actual resolution and the draft sent to all counties by NaCo.

DCC Healthcare Resolution
NaCo Healthcare Reform Template for Counties