Commissioner Judge has responded to my email.  He does not support the federal government’s efforts to take over health care.  However, he does not think that the resolution put before the Board supported the federal government’s efforts.  I disagreed, we had a good exchange and we agreed to disagree on this point.

We all need to be aware that this matter is going to come up again and it may not be on the agenda, like the last time.  If anyone gets wind of when it will be coming up, please alert ToD so that we can mobilize and be present at the meeting.

If you have not emailed the Commissioners on this topic, please do so.   You can email them directly by clicking on their name below.   The Commissioners who voted ‘NO’ on the resolution are:

Mike Johnson
Jack Shea
Max Dutton
Richard Johnson
Allen Burrus

The Commissioners who voted for the resolution are:
Warren Judge
Virginia Tillett