Many of the conservatives here in Dare County have expressed frustration with the GOP.  I’ve heard talk of supporting a third party.  The happenings in NY-23 prove that a third party is not the way to go.  The way election law is set up in most states, third party candidates rarely even get on the ballot.  Erick Erickson over at is cautioning his readers not to go the third party route   The way to make a difference is to work within the GOP to transform it.  And there is something that the citizens of Dare County can do to that end.  Become a GOP Precinct Chair or Precinct Delegate in Dare County.

As a Precinct Chair and/or Precinct Delegate you will direct influence on the direction of the party. There are Precinct Chair vacancies in Dare County.  Let’s fill them with conservatives.  The local GOP is having a meeting on Saturday, November 7, 2009 at 3:30pm at the Kill Devil Hills Town Hall.  Show up and express your interest in becoming a Precinct Chair or Precinct Delegate.

To learn how the GOP works in North Carolina, you can download the Organizational Plan here   There is a grassroots underway to get conservatives to into Precinct Committee positions.  This can have a direct effect on the candidates that are selected by the GOP.  You can learn more about that project here: