Marc Basnight has $98,427 in his campaign account according to State Board of Elections records.  During the period ending June 30, 2009, Basnight took in $23,000 in contributions and spent $46,000.  Top contributors were:

  • $4000 Progress Energy Employees Carolinas PAC
  • $3000 each from Mr. and Mrs. George Sywassink of Hilton Head, SC.  Mr. Sywassink recently assumed duties as a Trustee of Appalachian State University in Boone.
  • $4000 AT&T Mobility LLC Employee State PAC
  • $4000 Joe Lamb Jr., owner of Joe Lamb Jr. & Associates, an Outer Banks rental company

One interesting point about the contributors is that both Progress Energy and Appalachian State University are both major players in the Wind Game in NC.

At this time in 2007 (the last non-election year), Basnight had $194,000 on hand and in 2005 he had $262,000.  Is this lower bank balance any indication of whether Basnight will run in 2010?