Congressman Walter Jones addressed a group of Dare County citizens today over lunch at the Black Pelican.  He spoke about the pending healthcare reform bill, the economy and the war in Afghanistan.

Jones is strongly opposed to the healthcare reform legislation being pushed by the Democrats.  He urged all concerned citizens to contact Senator Kaye Hagan as she may be one of those Senators who could swing either way.  Citizens expressed frustration with trying to reach the Senator via phone, several noting that they could not even connect to her office and were receiving an ‘all lines are currently busy’ message.  Jones suggested contacting her regional offices.  All of Senator Hagan’s contact info can be found here.

Jones said that two of his worst votes were for the Iraq War and the repeal of portions of the Glass-Steaggal Act.

The Glass-Steaggall act was passed in 1933.  Among other things, it established the FDIC and included other banking reforms designed to control speculation.  The provision that was repealed was one that had prohibited bank holding companies from owning other financial companies.  Jones did not elaborate on this topic but it’s clear that he links the repeal of that provision to the financial crisis.  He believes there is too much coziness between some large Wall Street firms and the Federal Government and that those who are responsible for this crisis have not been held to account.

On the subject of the war in Afghanistan, Congressman Jones believes that without a well defined mission and a clear end game, our interests would be better served by bringing the troops home.  You can hear Congressman Jones speak about Afghanistan in this speech last month on the floor of the House of Representatives.

This blogger has not thought well of Congressman Jones with respect to his views about our military actions, particularly his pre-surge call for withdrawl from Iraq.  However, Afghanistan is not Iraq and it poses unique challenges.  I am persuaded the Congressman Jones is earnest in his beliefs and that he has valid points about our lack of strategy and goals.

What do you think of Jones’ position on Afghanistan?