December 2009

The Al Pam Republican Club will hold the first meeting of the new year in Edenton on January 7.  This will be your chance to meet the Conservative Judges who will be running for office in 2010.   Guest speakers at the event will be:  Judge John Tyson, Judge Sanford Steelman, Judge Barbara Jackson and Judge Richard Elmore.  The meal will be catered and will be authentic New York style Italian.  The cost is $14.00 per person inclusive for an all you eat buffet.

The event will be held at the Edenton United Methodist Church, 225 Virginia Road (highway 32), beside of the Chowan Co. Hospital in Edenton, NC.   It starts at 6:30pm.  RSVP to Hope Van Dorp at 252-927-4245 or email her at Hope Van Dorp


Erick Erickson at Redstate has proposed a strategy to kill the bill after it passes the Senate.  See his post here.   In short, contact your GOP Senator, Senator Burr, and tell him to object to the appointment of conferees.  That will prevent the House and Sentate from setting up a joint conference to iron out the differences between the bills.   We cannot give up on the fight to kill this bill.

OBXers travelled to DC yesterday for the Code Red Rally sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.  The were there to stand up for liberty and freedom and to pressure the Senate to Kill the Healthcare Bill.  They are Patriots and I’m thankful that we have such passionate people amongst us.   They recount their experiences here for you. (more…)

Dennis Kucinich sponsored a resolution to pull all American troops out of Afghanistan immediately.  According to Kucinich’s website, Walter Jones has signed on as a Co-Sponsor.

As stated in an earlier post, Jones opposes the troop surge and stood with several Democrats to voice his opposition in a recent press conference.

In response to concerns expressed by one of his constituents , Walter Jones defends his position on Afghanistan in the following letter: (more…)

While the Christmas season is in full swing now, right around the corner is election season.  And this season will have none other than Marc Basnight running again, this time for his 13th Senate term.  Mr. Basnight is popular in this county but popular sentiment in the country has shifted.  Now may be the best chance that Republicans have of unseating him.

The mood of the country is change.  Out with the old guard, in with the new.  With the recent decision by Basnight’s counterpart Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand, to resign his seat, the winds of change are blowing in Raleigh. (more…)

Every year James Poulos puts up a Christmas display on W Ocean Acres Drive.  As the years have gone by, the display has grown larger, as have the crowds who come to see it.  The award from ‘The Today Show’ brought national attention to Kill Devil Hills and people come from all over to see this glittering display.  I saw it recently when I visited a friend who lives around that neighborhood.

While the display certainly does draw the crowds,  I cannot help but wonder what the neighbors make of it.  There were cars parked along the side of the road in clearly marked ‘No Parking’ areas.  And the ones that weren’t parked were jammed onto the little street, some stopped, some parked, some trying to crawl through.  I tried to turn around and go back but found that I could not do so without running over someone’s lawn.

Since parking enforcement appeared to be non-existent, (more…)

Unemployment has reached 11% in North Carolina.  Despite that, our esteemed government officials continue to  feed at the federal trough in order to pay people not to work and they resort to accounting gimmicks as they try to mask the problem.

In the past year, North Carolina has paid out $4.3 Billion in unemployment benefits.   And since businesses have not ‘contributed’ enough to cover all those benefits, the State has had to borrow the difference.  The NC Employment Security Commission has borrowed $1.4Billion from the federal government since February so that the State of North Carolina can pay people to continue not to work.  Our clever legislators hope that the federal government will forgive the debt. It seems that the folks in Raleigh don’t realize who funds the federal government.   Either way, we are left holding the bag.

One neat trick offered by the NCESC to hide the magnitude of the problem is to ask employers to voluntarily ‘contribute’ money before year end in exchange for a lower tax rate next year.  Sort of like Wimpy in the Popeye cartoons who will ‘gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today’.

Unemployment is a most insidious invention.  It saps people’s initiative as it creates dependence.  What is needed are policies that promote growth:  lower taxes, less regulation and fewer government programs.  In the NC Observer post linked to above, it is clear that our state legislators have a basic understanding about how higher taxes drive businesses out of business and put people out of work.  Why can’t they see the next logical step?  If high taxes and regulation are a burden, it stands to reason that low taxes and less regulation must be……GOOD for the economy.