Every year James Poulos puts up a Christmas display on W Ocean Acres Drive.  As the years have gone by, the display has grown larger, as have the crowds who come to see it.  The award from ‘The Today Show’ brought national attention to Kill Devil Hills and people come from all over to see this glittering display.  I saw it recently when I visited a friend who lives around that neighborhood.

While the display certainly does draw the crowds,  I cannot help but wonder what the neighbors make of it.  There were cars parked along the side of the road in clearly marked ‘No Parking’ areas.  And the ones that weren’t parked were jammed onto the little street, some stopped, some parked, some trying to crawl through.  I tried to turn around and go back but found that I could not do so without running over someone’s lawn.

Since parking enforcement appeared to be non-existent, I could not help but think that this must certainly present a problem for emergency vehicles.   What if there is a fire?  What if an ambulance is needed.

Surely there must be something the Town of KDH can do to promote this activity while still respecting the rights of the neighbors, and enforcing the zoning laws and the town ordinances.  How about a Park ‘n Ride?  Or an officer stationed on the street to keep traffic moving and prevent parking?  It isn’t safe or fair to the homeowners on W Ocean Acres to allow this activity to continue in its present arrangement.  We all enjoy a festive light display, however, the situation on W Ocean Acres is at the point where the Town now needs to step in and make a commitment to uphold its laws while still promoting tourism to the site.