While the Christmas season is in full swing now, right around the corner is election season.  And this season will have none other than Marc Basnight running again, this time for his 13th Senate term.  Mr. Basnight is popular in this county but popular sentiment in the country has shifted.  Now may be the best chance that Republicans have of unseating him.

The mood of the country is change.  Out with the old guard, in with the new.  With the recent decision by Basnight’s counterpart Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand, to resign his seat, the winds of change are blowing in Raleigh.

While Mr. Basnight has done good things for Dare County in those 24 years, we have to look toward the future.  The Democrats have a firm grip on Dare County partly because of Marc Basnight.  Unseating him will send ripples through the county governments in Dare, Currituck and other represented counties.  It may be just the foothold the Republicans need to turn the county to its rightful color, Red.

If Mr. Basnight is not defeated in 2010, he may well resign his seat after re-election and appoint a successor that the Governor will, by law,  have to appoint to fill out his term.  If a new young Democrat, hand-picked by Marc Basnight, gets in, the Republicans in the 1st Senate district (Beaufort, Camden, Currituck, Dare County, Hyde, Tyrrell and Washington Counties) can kiss another decade goodbye.