OBXers travelled to DC yesterday for the Code Red Rally sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.  The were there to stand up for liberty and freedom and to pressure the Senate to Kill the Healthcare Bill.  They are Patriots and I’m thankful that we have such passionate people amongst us.   They recount their experiences here for you.

From Mattie Lawson the Tireless Patriot

  • About a dozen people from Outer Banks went on the bus (provided by American’s for Prosperity for $25)
  • Elizabeth City folks filled the rest of the bus – including dear friend Beverley Cross of Raleigh (80 years old) who also went with me to Sep 12th TEA Party
  • Several reports, including one by the people who counted the buses, said 10,000 protestors were there.  May have been a bit inflated IMHO
  • Great speeches by Senator Burr, Laura Ingram and others.  Laura comparing the President to Santa (Grinch) deceiving little Cindy Lou Who was priceless
  • Beverley and I met Senator Burr in his office and left messages at several other offices including Senator Hagan
  • We toured the new Capitol visitor’s center (built with $700M of taxpayer money) 40 feet under the Capitol dome – note “In God we Trust” is highly visible – now.  Interesting originals and copies of artifacts.  Details historical Congresses from beginning through 111th. Interesting – no room to expand to tell the tales of future congresses . . .  Two gift shops, restaurant and very nice restrooms.
  • We don’t know if our non-partisan protest made a difference or not but according to Fox News our shouts could be heard from inside the Capitol building: “KILL THE BILL!”
  • Learned about the sinister role of the Trilateral Commission in world politics that was very interesting from a fellow traveler
  • We were tired puppies when we left at 4:30.  Traffic on I-95 was worse than I remember – bumper to bumper to Fredericksburg. Can’t remember a Big Mac ever tasting so good. Got home at 11:00.
  • Weather cooperated nicely, bus wacomfortable and people were wonderful.  Would do it again in a heartbeat.  Anyone want to join me next time?

From Sue Dineen

A group of local PATRIOTS met at the Kitty Hawk Wal-Mart parking lot on Tuesday December Fifteenth to catch a bus to the,”Code Red Rally”, in Washington D.C. They met up with 10,000 other PATRIOTS to show our Congressmen and Senators the solidarity of the American People.  Laura Ingraham and Michelle Bachman were some of the powerful speakers they listed to.  The entire 10,000 strong, sang’ “Proud to be an American” , the earth shook and all were moved !!  The group was reminded once again, to quote Plato, ” Power tends to corrupt and Absolute power corrupts Absolutely”.  With this Health Care Legislation we will loose more of our power to choose.  We will loose the right to pick the doctors we want to see and when we want to see them.  We will loose the right to pursue testing and treatment in a timely manor, just look at Canada and England with their Socialized Health Care.  Our government with all it’s red tape and paper work has managed to bankrupt even the most stable of institutions and they now want to take care of us when we are sick and need help the most. Our constitution was created to protect its citizens not to enable the government to have unlimited control over our lives and destinies.  These days the federal government is just whittling away at our freedoms one at a time.  At what point do WE THE PEOPLE stand up and say enough is enough?

And here are some photos from Marie and Bob Neiderlander