A diverse group conservatives from across Dare County met last weekend to discuss the future of the local TEA Party movement. In order to promote the conservative principles of limited government and personal liberty locally, we determined that we can have the most effect by focusing on a few core objectives. The first is to identify and recruit conservatives for local office. The second is to get our message out to they youth. The third objective is to educate and motivate.

The 2010 local elections are right around the corner.  Visit the 2010 Elections Page to see what offices are up for election.  There are some seats more than others that we’d like to see a change including a couple of School Board seats and District 1 County Commissioner seat.

I won’t profess to know everyone on this list personally.  There are a few Democrats listed who are rumored to be Conservative.  At not all Republicans are equally Conservative.  The OBX TEA Party Patriots support Conservatives, regardless of political affiliation.   More information on these offices can be found in the Citizen’s Guide.

I’ve been living in Dare County for about three years and have come to learn a great deal about local politics only in the past twelve months.  One thing I have learned is that Marc Basnight casts a long shadow.  The perception of this being a Democrat town is largely due to Senator Basnight.  This town is about 40% Democrat by party affiliation (the rest split about evenly between Independents and Republicans).  But some of these registered Democrats are registered as such only so that they could vote in the primary election for Marc Basnight.  Prior to 1994, you had to be a Registered Democrat to vote in the Democrat primary.  So the Democrat numbers are somewhat inflated.  In the 2008 election, Dare County voted 54/45 for McCain.   The results were nearly the same in 2004.   But since the Dems have a higher percentage than either the Independents or Republicans and since Marc Basnight is so popular here, this county is perceived as Democrat run county.  That is what we’d like to change.

Republicans hold three seats on the County Commission and a fourth seat votes conservatively so the truth is that the County has government that leans conservative.  We’d like to add to the conservative number on the commission so that it becomes clear that we have a conservative majority.   The School Board is an obvious target for seats we’d like to pick up.  The schools are where the indoctrination starts.

The OBX TEA Party Patriots will keep their focus local for the short term.  We’ll be working on the 2010 elections, planning a spring TEA Party and focusing on trying to get our message out to the youth in Dare County.  I encourage you to join us in these efforts.  We welcome your feedback in this forum.  And if you attended the TEA Party in October, please give us your feedback on that event by taking our quick 4-Question survey here.