In an email to all of their members today, urged them to pony up money to support  Walter Jones’ Fair Elections Now Act as well as for a Constitutional Amendment to limit campaign contributions.  Cool, huh?  Like it when your Republican Congressman has support for his bill from

When he introduced the bill last year, Jones said “Legislators’…views should not be influenced by special interests and campaign fundraising.”  I suggest three things here, Congressman Jones.  First, some Legislators stay true to their beliefs and principles.  They are not unduly influenced by raising money.   And if Legislators are unduly influenced and  are not voting according to the beliefs and principles that got them elected, then they can be voted out.  That’s how our system works, Congressman Jones.  Secondly, we the people SPEAK through our campaign contributions.  Limiting our ability to donate limits what we can say to you.  Third, this bill protects incumbents and favors Progressives.  It protects incumbents and favors Progressives who have a ready database of contributors from which to draw these itsy bitsy contributions.   It forces challengers to obtain contributions from a much greater pool of people.  And remember how much Obama raised on the internet via teeny weeny contributions?  Make no mistake, the Progressives support this for a reason.

In testimony to the House Committee on House Administration in July 2009 the Cato Institute said, “H.R. 1826 reflects a different outlook, a Progressive vision that would substitute publicly funded politics for our current largely private system. In that world, where the government ultimately funds and thereby controls the political activity of the governed, I believe we would sooner or later live in Madison’s nightmare, a world in which the government both controls the governed who in turn have been deprived of the means to control the government.”