The  Jacksonville Daily News is reporting that Onslow County resident Sperby Piner will challenge Walter Jones on May 4th for the Republican nomination.  He joins likely challenger Joe McLaughlin also of Onslow County and Bob Cavanaugh of Carteret County.  Jones is vulnerable again this year due to his  ever evolving views.  With turnout expected to be heavier than normal for an off-year election, will the voters of the his district finally give Jones the heave-ho?  Will the TEA Party effect cause a ripple in the fabric of NC District 3?  While  Mother Jones may be fond of Walter, she won’t be voting on May 4th.  With a field of four, will Jones garner enough votes to ward off a second primary?  Only time will tell.

Fasten your seatbelts, District 3, we’re about to encounter some rough air.