A lot of you send me emails on this topic and that.  We all talk and have opinions about what is going on in our community, state and nation.  With all that energy, why not make your opinions public and have an even bigger effect on public opinion?  There is a great need for conservatives to write Letters to the Editor.    It’s easier than you think.

And this blog could use another editor or two or three….You can write on any topic that is near and dear to you that might be of interest to people in our local community.  Just comment below and I’ll get in touch with you via email.

We are engaged in a war of information.  Most people get their information online these days, especially young people.  By not contributing to the dialogue, we give the Progressives a free gift, the ability to influence.

Letters to the Editor Submission Information

For the Outer Banks Sentinel, they say you can submit your Letter online.  I would send a hard copy, too.  Include your name, address, phone and signature on the hard copy.  Here is the link  http://www.womacknewspapers.com/obsentinel/ On the left, go to Services and then click Letters to the Editor. The mailing address is:

Outer Banks Sentinel
Letter to the Editor
P. O. Box 546
Nags Head, NC  27959

For the Coastland Times, they only take hard copy or fax.  Include the same info noted above including signature.  Text should be 300 words or less but longer items will be considered.  The fax # is 252-473-1515.  The address is:

The Coastland Times
P. O. Box 400
Manteo, NC  27954

For the Virginian Pilot, here is the info from their website:

We welcome your opinion on public issues, in either of two ways.

You can submit a letter to the editor for possible publication in the printed edition. The Virginian-Pilot welcomes letters to the editor on all topics, although concise letters (150 words or less) on public issues will receive priority. Letters may be edited for length, style and clarity and writers are limited to one published letter every month. Please add your name, city, street address and daytime telephone number for confirmation.

By e-mail: letters@pilotonline.com

By mail: Letters to the editor – P.O. Box 449 – Norfolk, VA 23501-0449

By fax: (757) 446-2051

The other way is to comment on the published letters in our blog,  bLetters to the Editor. In this online forum, you can comment as much as you want by using the comment box at the end of each entry.