The State of North Carolina is proposing changes to the High School History curriculum, eliminating the period prior to 1877.  High School students would not learn about the Founding or the Civil War in their U.S. History class, according to a Fox News article.  Vanessa Jeter, Communications Director for North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, posted the  following link to the actual proposed changes on another blog where she  played down the significance of the changes.

A quick review of the proposed changes reveals that while high school students may not learn about the Founding of our Country, they will learn about the founding of the labor unions, the Progressive movement and the goals of those seeking ‘social justice’

  • Analyze the creation of labor unions in the 19th and 20th Centuries in terms of the factors that prompted their creation and the reactions to them by government and the business community.
  • Compare the rhetoric (demands) used by advocates of political and social movements over time and the impact of this rhetoric on changes in the rights of groups, individual, organizations and businesses, i.e. Populist and Progressive movements, Civil Rights movement, Feminist movement, ethnic minority movements, Fundamentalist movement, Modern Conservative movement, etc.
  • Explain the approaches and goals of groups seeking human rights and social justice.

If someone would care to read through all the changes to all the curriculums and provide more insight, I will post that information here.  The History Curriculum is just the tip of the iceberg.  They’re trying to sneak this by us, hoping we won’t notice.  Spread the word about this to everyone you know in North Carolina.

You can provide feedback to NCDPI via their survey.

The NCDPI website is not real clear about whether the public comment period is still open.  Here is the email address to submit public comments:  You can also email Fay Gore at NCDPI, Tracey Greggs at NCDPI or Steve Basnight locally.

The NCDPI website says that Local Education Authorities have until February 15th to provide feedback on the proposed changes.

Every North Carolinian who is concerned about this should contact their local School Board and voice their opinion.  Here is the link to the Dare County School Board site.  Just click on any School Board Members name for their email address  Dare County School Board.

The next School Board meeting is February 9, 2010 5  p.m. Manteo Middle School.  We should show up at this meeting and let it be known that this is not acceptable.

There is a Facebook page devoted to this topic called “History did not Begin in 1877!”