According to Vanessa Jeter via a Facebook post in the Group ‘History did not Begin in 1877!‘, the feedback period on the proposed curriculum changes has been extended to March 2nd.  If you are on Facebook, you can join that Group and see all the comments.  Here is the full text of her post:

You are right! History did not begin in 1877, and the PROPOSED DRAFT 1.0 curriculum does not indicate such. It does place a full year of US History in 7th grade where there is none today and dedicates 5th grade to US History also. Feedback window extended until March 2 at 2

For a good analysis of this comment, see Frank Neudecker’s post.  And for a much deeper analysis on this entire subject, see Betsy’s Page.

Your voices are making a difference.  This is by no means over.  It just means we have more time to get the word out.  There was a rally in Raleigh today to protest the proposed changes.  It was covered by the N&O and Fox.  Watch for stories on this topic from them.  Continue to spread the word.