About twenty members of the Outer Banks Tea Party and concerned citizens rallied at the Dare County School Board Meeting this evening to protest the dramatic changes to the 11th Grade U.S. History curriculum as proposed by the North Carolina Dept of Public Instruction.  The NC DPI proposes to begin the 11th Grade U.S. History course in 1877, after Reconstruction.  See my earlier post for more details on this issue.

Seven citizens spoke passionately about the need for high school aged students to have a firm understanding of the period from the Founding through Reconstruction.  Efforts to re-shape young minds toward a more progressive outlook were denounced.  The seven speakers were Mattie Lawson, Toni Tabb, John Beasley, Mike Parsons, Peregrine White, Courtney Gallop and me, Lisa Marley.  The School Board listened thoughtfully and encouraged anyone who wished to speak on the subject to please come up and do so.   Two of the County Commissioners were also at the meeting, Jack Shea and Virginia Tillett.  When approached by Commissioner Tillett outside the school  before the meeting, I told her of the proposed changes and she indicated that she was unaware of them but looked forward to hearing more on this subject.  Why was I approached by Commissioner Tillet, you may ask.  Well, I was sort of standing in front of the entrance with my sign that read “Yes, Virginia, there was a Civil War”.   She came up to me and thanked me for letting her know.  Clearly the reference to her name on my sign caught her attention.  We had a good laugh about it afterward.

We must keep up the pressure on the NC DPI.  I encourage anyone from outside Dare County to go to their next School Board meeting and speak up on this issue.  We only have a couple of more weeks.  In neighboring Currituck County, several members were not aware of the depth of the changes being proposed and were grateful that a single concerned citizen came to their meeting to inform them.  One person CAN make a difference.

Both the Coastland Times and Outer Banks Voice were present.  Watch for stories in both.