The Washington Daily News is reporting that Senator Basnight sent a letter to the NC DPI and the State Board of Education voicing his strong opposition to the proposed changes to the U. S. History curriculum.  He says that there should be more study of this period, not less.  According the Washington Daily News, Basnight’s letter reads, in part,

“Any changes the state makes to teaching U.S. History must be an enhancement to what students learn in high school and not downshifting in any way. As a reader of history myself, I think that no one should graduate from high school without a thorough understanding of the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers, the writing of the Constitution, and the personalities involved. Furthermore, it is my belief that only high school students have the capacity to understand complex and awful parts of our nation’s history such as slavery and the Civil War. To exclude the founding of our nation at its early struggles from our high school curriculum would be doing a disservice to our students and teachers alike.”

He goes on to say,

“Sadly, students know very little about history as it is…We should be doubling, maybe even tripling, our efforts and enhancing the course work that is now taught in high school. . . In fact, I would like to see history taught in expanded and unique ways, perhaps as an extracurricular activity outside of the school day if time cannot be found during the regular school hours, even as a means of extra credit. However do not carry on with the thoughts of the changes as presented. U.S. History is too precious and important and must be taught in its entirety during the high school years.”

Those are strong words from our Senator.  This proposal is essentially D.O.A.  Thanks to all of you who have been tireless in opposing this.  Many of you have commented on blogs and news stories, written Letters to the Editors and made pilgrimages to School Board Meetings.  Our voices have been heard.