The North Carolina Dept of Public Instruction is bowing to public pressure over its proposed changes to the U. S. History curriculum.  The proposal is being sent back to the drawing boards.  The DPI received over 7,000 emails, most of them negative.  And then this past weekend Senator Marc Basnight stepped in and essentially told the DPI, “don’t you dare”.  After a day of defending themselves against Basnight’s letter, the DPI cried ‘Uncle’.

According to WRAL, DPI has already begun work on a second draft proposal.  One of the options to be considered:

  • Requiring two courses of U.S. history in high school, with the first to cover up to 1877 and the second to cover 1877 to the present;
  • Requiring that U.S. history from 1877 to the present be taught in high school and allowing individual schools and districts to decide when to offer a course on the earlier years.

A new draft is expected in April.

The Pilot ran a good article on this today.