Ryan Michael White, candidate for Dare County Sheriff, was in District Court today facing three charges: possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and reckless driving.  He was granted a continuance.

This is familiar territory for Mr. White. Since 2001, in Dare County, he has been convicted of possession of narcotics, speeding to allude police, open container of alcohol and reckless driving, among other charges. Many of the offenses appear multiple times in his record. In each case he received a suspended sentence and probation.  You can view his criminal record here.

In 2004, Mr. White was charged in the death of two men in Waves. Mr. White was driving south on NC-12 when, according to news reports, he ran his SUV off the road onto the shoulder and struck and killed two skateboarders. He was charged with two counts of Death by Vehicle. The charges were reduced to Reckless Driving. The sentence was suspended and he was put on probation.

This man is running to be the top law enforcement dog in Dare County.  He’s not fit to be Dog Catcher.