In celebration of Liberty Day, 4th graders from First Flight Elementary School will be at the KDH Post Office and Library on Friday, March 12th from 9am-11am, quizzing the public about their knowledge of the Constitution and distributing copies of the Constitution for the Dare County Lions Club.

Take the Constitution Quiz and test your knowledge of the Constitution.  If you know your Constitution, you’ll find that there’s one questions whose ‘correct’ answer is questionable.

What is Liberty Day?  Here’s a brief history from their website:

Liberty Day began as an idea of two members of the Youth Service Committee of the Lions Club of Denver. Teachers had a problem: civics had been made ‘voluntary’, decreasing the number of available civics books. But at the same time, many American history textbooks appeared without the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution printed in the back — takes up too much room in the book, teachers were told. But how could kids be taught about those documents without ever seeing the words? So private donations were collected for the printing of a pocket-sized booklet containing only the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, for free distribution. Teachers were grateful, but had another problem. They teach around ‘themes’, they said, and the appropriate ‘theme day’ for instruction about those documents is July 4th — a day when students are not in school. They needed a day during the school year to focus upon those documents and our nation’s heritage. So a ‘theme day’ was created – and a contest named it Liberty Day. In the first year, Liberty Day was celebrated on September 17th – the day the Constitution was signed. Too close to the beginning of the school year, teachers decided. Then it was suggested that Liberty Day be celebrated on December 15th — the day the Bill of Rights was ratified. Too close to Christmas, teachers decided. Then they suggested that some time in March would be best for the school calendar — and the birthday of James Madison, ‘father of the Constitution’, just happens to be March 16th! So Liberty Day became officially celebrated on March 16th.

ToD will have correspondents on site.  Let’s support the kids and the Constitution on Liberty Day!