According to recently released figures from Civitas, voter registration in Dare County increased in February by 72 voters.  In February, Dare County saw an increase of 30 new registered Republicans, 30 new Unaffiliated voters, 11 new Democrats and 1 new Libertarian.    There are 26,180 registered voters in Dare County.  By Party, the percentages are:

  • 39% Democrat
  • 29% Republican
  • 31% Unaffiliated

Which county do you suppose has the most Unaffiliated voters in North Carolina?  The answer might surprise you.  It’s our neighbor, Currituck County, with almost 35% of the voters calling themselves Unaffiliated. Ranking the Counties by Unaffiliated voters, ToD finds an interesting factoid, three of the top eight counties are in Northeastern NC :  Currituck at 35%, Dare at 31% and Camden at 29%.   I call this the Basnight Effect.  The other five counties in Basnight’s Senate District 1 are overwhelmingly Democrat.

Are you registered to vote?  Do you want to change your party affiliation?  You can do so right here, right now.  If you are a conservative Democrat and want to have a say in who represents you in Congress for the next two years, it might be time to make the switch.  Walter Jones’ is being challenged from both the left and right this year.  Only Unaffiliated and Republican voters can vote in the Republican Primary on May 4th.  The deadline to register to vote or to change your affiliation in NC is 25 days before the day of the election.