Texas is ground zero in the assault on our nation’s heritage and our children’s future.  A 15-member board in Texas will decide what your children will learn in Social Studies for many years to come.

It appears that the very same 21st Century Skills folks that we rebuffed here in North Carolina are at work in many other states, most importantly Texas.  Since Texas buys more textbooks than any other state, textbook publishers write all their books based on Texas’ standards.  So Texas’ standards by default become every states’ standards.  It seems that the TEA (Texas Education Agency), Texas’ version of our NCDPI, is under attack by the progressive influence.  The Texas State Board of Education is holding hearings this week to determine what should be included in our children’s textbooks.

While the vast majority of us are working, raising families and going about our daily lives, interest groups have been hard at work trying to shape young minds.  According to Gilbert Sewall, Director of the American Textbook Council, identity politics has played a major role in the decline of textbook quality.

Here is a link to a more in-depth article by writer and professor Mary Grabar that exposes the goals of these progressives to indoctrinate our children.  According to Ms. Grabar, there are some shocking things going on at the annual National Council for the Social Studies conference:

Among the troubling trends were the promotion of primitivism (in the form of Native American“thinking”) and of Islam. A District of Columbia Senator encouraged very receptive teachers to propagandize his cause of DC statehood and use children to lobby legislators. A middle school teacher detailed how she used an adult level polemic to induce feelings of sympathy for illegal aliens. Government agencies like the Census Bureau and the Federal Reserve Bank sent officials to offer their curriculums [sic] and teaching strategies, and ask teachers to recruit students to do their bidding. The tax-supported National Public Broadcasting Corporation sent numerous representatives to present workshops on using PBS produced curriculums [sic] and even teachers in the classroom. When actual U.S. history was presented it was from the perspective of various “victims.” Vital facts about political issues and historical events were routinely omitted from the workshops, curricular materials, and speeches.

Parents, I urge you to take a look at your kids’ textbooks. Do they look anything like your textbooks when you were that age? Look at what they are being taught, and just as important, notice what is missing.

They’ve heard from the Progressives, now it’s time they heard from WE THE PEOPLE.   You can contact the Texas State Board of Education through their website.  Oddly the email address for all 15 SBOE members is the same Texas School Board Email.

We need to keep ourselves apprised of what’s going on, not just locally and within our own state, but also nationally. We must offer whatever support we can, networking through Tea Parties, conservative groups, or whatever resources to which we have access. It is up to us to be vocal, educating our friends and neighbors, local school board members and politicians, email campaigns to state and national leaders, even target the Chamber of Commerce which is collaborating with 21st Century Skills. Inform them. The progressive pablum sounds good until you see the other side and the devious goals of its promoters. Every voice makes a difference. This is a battle for the future of our country.

“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.” from 1984 by George Orwell