A local citizen related to me a tale of her lost Voter Registration Form.  This informed citizen desired to change her party affiliation.  She filled out the form, signed it and HAND DELIVERED it to the KDH Library six months ago.  When she checked with the Dare County Board of Elections yesterday to confirm the change, they said that they never received the Form.  They did express deep concern over the matter.  ToD expects that the Dare County Board of Elections will investigate the matter to find out how many other forms may have been misplaced.   What checks are in place to ensure that Voter Registration Forms do not get lost?  How can a citizen be sure that their Form has been received and updated?

If you have recently submitted a Voter Registration Form, check the SBOE’s online database to make sure your Registration has been updated.  If it has not, contact the Dare County BOE.  And let us here at ToD know about it.  This is a  most serious oversight and we must ensure that the BOE takes steps to ensure that this does not happen again.