On Friday, Governor Beverly Perdue returned $48000 in donations from Atlantic Corp because of the possibility that the donations were illegal. The donations, you may recall from my November post, were made by officers of Atlantic Corp all on the same day for the maximum amount of $4000.  The NC State Board of Elections is investigating whether the employees were reimbursed for their contributions. On Saturday, Marc Basnight asked the NC State Board of Elections how to handle the donations that he received from Atlantic Corp. which may also have been illegal. Atlantic Corp is owned by Rusty Carter, a frat brother of Mike Easley.  Rusty Carter’s son, Wes Carter, works for Hobbs Upchurch & Associates.  From one of my other earlier post on this topic, you know that Hobbs Upchurch employees also donated the maximum amounts all on the same day.  Those contributions should also be investigated.

The time has come for the Pay to Play culture in Raleigh to come to an end.  To think that the Governor and the President Pro Tem of the Senate were unaware of these donations is absurd.  We must hold our politicians accountable for their abuses.  It is time for new Senate representation in District 1.