NC GOP Chair Tom Fetzer announced on March 23rd that he had found some unusual contributions made to Senator Basnight from Hobbs Upchurch & Associates, donations similar to the potentially unlawful contributions made by employees of Atlantic Corp.  Readers of this blog are fully aware of my numerous posts on the donations made by Atlantic Corp and Hobbs Upchurch to Marc Basnight.  I bit my tongue when Fetzer called for an investigation into contributions from Atlantic Corp to Governor Perdue.   Mainly because I had not reported on the Perdue contributions, only those given to Basnight.  But the press conference on March 23rd about the Hobbs contributions leads me to the conclusion Mr. Fetzer may be taking credit for my work.   Here’s what Mr. Fetzer had to say about how he found out about these contributions:

“We did a Google on the employees and discovered that Wes Carter, Mr. Carter’s son, also has an involvement with a company called Hobbs Upchurch and Associates that’s in Pinehurst,” Fetzer said, noting that employees of the engineering firm have given large contributions to Basnight.”

What is odd is the timing of the press conference.  This blog was hit 814 times on March 22nd, the most hits ever, by far.  Most of the hits were on the Basnight posts.  Average daily hits up to that date were under 100.  Many of the site visits came from news stories on the Atlantic Corp scandal where I had linked my blog posts about the Hobbs’ donations.  Is it a coincidence that Mr. Fetzer uncovered these unusual donations on the same day as my blog had record hits on the Basnight/Hobbs posts?  If you ask me, it would be a much more powerful story if Fetzer would give credit where credit is due.  A headline like “Citizen Journalist Uncovers Potentially Unlawful Contributions” showcases the power of the people.  It would be a boon to the GOP to acknowledge the power of WE THE PEOPLE instead of taking advantage of us.