April 2010

About thirty Tea Party members and concerned citizens showed up on the steps of the Dare County Admin Building this afternoon to protest proposed tax increases to help fund the $4.1 million budget shortfall.  This comes on top of the many emails that the Commissioners have been receiving on this topic over the past week.  More pictures of this event can found on the Outer Banks Tea Party’s website

Several Tea Party members questioned Chairman Warren Judge about the proposed increases as he entered the building.  We have the video. Our ace cameraman, (more…)


Here we go again. The Democrats in Dare County are up to their old tricks again. We saw it with the Register of Deeds and we’re about to see it with the Sheriff’s office should Rodney Midgett get re-elected. Here’s the game: incumbent runs, incumbent retires, Democrat County Party Chiefs appoint a successor. Only one problem with this scenario, in this County, the Democrat Party Chiefs do not get to appoint a new Sheriff. That duty falls squarely on the shoulders of (more…)

Craig Weber is one of two Republicans running against Walter B Jones in the May 4 primary for the U. S. House seat in North Carolina’s Third District.  I recently interviewed Craig.

Tell us a little about yourself: I’ve lived most of my life here. I was a teenager here. My Children grew up here. I have worked the waters, shrimping, clamming, scalloping. I worked (more…)

The DC BOC is on the verge of raising your taxes to pay for a budget shortfall.  Don’t let them get away with this!  They are eying a two cent increase in property taxes (per $100 value) and that’s just the start.  You won’t read about this increase in the Coastland Times until it’s too late.  Only one Commissioner, Jack Shea, has publicly committed to NOT raising taxes.

Outer Banks Tea Party is planning a Protest on Tuesday starting at 1pm at the County Government Center in Manteo to protest this tax increase and any other tax increase that they try to pass.  The BOC will hold a Budget Workshop at 2pm (more…)

As revenues continue to plummet, the possibility of a tax increase looms in Dare County as the Commissioners remain apprehensive to make the necessary cuts.  According to Outer Banks Voice, only one Commissioner, Jack Shea, went on record as being opposed to tax increases.  It is time to let your voice be heard on this matter.

Frisco resident Brenda Conley wrote a passionate letter to the Commissioners.   Here’s what she had to say,

So you have a budget shortfall.  Surprise!  So do we!  Please don’t even think of raising our taxes – enough is enough.  You work for us – so listen to us.  We are out here (more…)

In a rare moment of candor, Marc Basnight admits that government may not the solution to an ailing economy but rather it may  be the problem.  At a breakfast sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce in Kill Devil Hills, according to The Outer Banks Sentinel, Basnight said “We may need to get government out of the way. ”  Really?  You think?

After trying hard to ignore the cold hard reality of a recession for two years, our Democrat representatives are now trying on their fiscal conservative clothes.  Will you be fooled by the new suit?  Let us not forget that (more…)

More than 600 enthusiastic Patriots gathered on Saturday, April 10th at Aviation Park in Kill Devil Hills for Outer Banks Tea Party’s 2nd Annual Tax Day Tea Party.   Though, if you rely on the Coastland Times for your news, you’d have been hard pressed to know that there was anything going on on Saturday besides the Democrat Party fundraiser in Manns Harbor.  How a gathering of 600 people escapes the attention of the local newspaper is a mystery since they printed the press release two weeks ago…but I digress…

The event brought together people from across the political, economic and social spectrum.  Frustrated with government over-reach and feeling that their voices aren’t being heard, (more…)

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