Hood Richardson stood firmly by his conservative beliefs in a recent exchange with Senator Basnight at a meeting of business and community leaders.  According the the Washington Daily News, Basnight challenged Hood to respond to how he would handle an illegal alien who had just graduated from Manteo High School.  He asked, “Do you send her back? Would you do that, Hood?”.    Hood replied,

“Yes. Illegal is illegal. It doesn’t matter who it applies to. We need jobs for people who work here in the United States.”

The news story does not say if Hood’s response drew any applause.  It does say that Basnight’s reply,  that he would not send her back, drew scores of applause.

Update:  Here’s the video of the exchange

We need people in government who have core conservative values, and who are not afraid to articulate those values even when it might not be popular.  That is called courage.  And Hood has it.

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