According to Civitas, during the month of March, a net of 5o voters were added to the voting roles in Dare County.  The Democrats lost 10 voters, the Unaffiliated category gained 25 and the Republicans gained 35.  The percentages remain roughly the same:

  • 39% Democrat
  • 31% Unaffiliated
  • 29% Republican

The trend in the North Carolina highly favors the Unaffiliated category.  Across the state, there were 12,199 new Una voters this month, 960 new Republicans and the Democrats lost 3,648 voters.

Dare was one of only three counties in March where Republican registrations exceeded Unaffiliated registrations.  The Outer Banks Tea Party and the Dare County Republican Party have been working hard to add new voters to the Una and Rep categories and it appears their efforts are paying off.