Ok, I’m going to bring up a subject that no one wants to talk about:  Marc Basnight’s desire and ability to serve.  If elected to another term, will Basnight fulfill the full year two year term or will he step down and allow a successor to be appointed by the Democrat Party Executive Committees of the eight counties in his district?

First scenario, will his deteriorating health cause him to step down mid-term? His doctor said, in September, that the neurological disorder is not affecting his cognitive abilities and “It’s not going to get bad very fast.”

I ask you to listen to a clip of Senator Basnight in January 2009 and then listen to a clip of him one year later.

In the second clip, his speech is slower and more slurred and the structure of his sentences is incomplete and sometimes odd.  Whatever he has, he’s not saying.  That leads me to believe that its something the general public would find alarming enough that he might not be able to get elected.   Watch for his public appearances to decrease over the next few months.

The second scenario is that the Republicans win a majority in the Senate and Basnight loses his power.  Yes, that is possible and even likely.  Here’s a good article on that topic.  Or the Dems narrowly keep the Senate but Basnight is not voted in as President Pro Tempore.  Do you think he will stick around?  Not likely.  He’ll cite his health and step down.

What happens if he steps down?  The Democrat Party Executive Committees from his District will appoint his successor.  The counties in his district are Beaufort, Camden, Currituck, Dare, Hyde, Tyrell, Pasquotank and Washington.  Think you’ll like who they choose?  Think it will be someone who represents your interests?

It’s worth remembering how Tim Spear came by his seat.  Bill Culpepper was re-elected to the seat and then mid-term was offered a job by  Governor Easley on the Utilities Commission.  The Executive Committees of the represented counties appointed Tim Spear over Stan White .  Read more about how that happened in this Washington Daily News article.  This is how politics works, my friend.  History repeats itself, again and again and again.  Look at our Register of Deeds office.  It was held by Dottie Fry for many years.  She retired in 1997 and Barbara Gray was appointed her successor by the Dare County Democrat Party Executive Committee.  When Barbara Gray retired after re-election in 2006, The DCDPEC appointed Vanzolla McMurran.  This is how they do it.  The Democrats aren’t Democratic.  They prefer appointments over elections.  This will happen with the District 1 Senate Seat, count on it.

All you Conservatives in Dare County, I know you like Marc Basnight.  You think he’s done well by the County.  But this is not about the past, its about the future.  Do you want to choose your Senator or have him chosen for you buy the Democrat Party Executive Committees of eight counties?

We have a chance to elect a TRUE Conservative in this election.  Hood Richardson is proactively, un-apologetically,  in-your-face Conservative.  You can have change in November, change that you choose, or you can have change sometime after November, change chosen the Democrat Party Leaders in District 1.   Choose wisely.