More than 600 enthusiastic Patriots gathered on Saturday, April 10th at Aviation Park in Kill Devil Hills for Outer Banks Tea Party’s 2nd Annual Tax Day Tea Party.   Though, if you rely on the Coastland Times for your news, you’d have been hard pressed to know that there was anything going on on Saturday besides the Democrat Party fundraiser in Manns Harbor.  How a gathering of 600 people escapes the attention of the local newspaper is a mystery since they printed the press release two weeks ago…but I digress…

The event brought together people from across the political, economic and social spectrum.  Frustrated with government over-reach and feeling that their voices aren’t being heard, citizens came out to the Tax Day Tea Party to find out what they could do to make a difference.  The crowd gathered to hear speakers on an array of topics:  Attorney Craig Silver spoke on the 10th Amendment, Dr. Tim Kling spoke on the impact of the health care bill, and VCU student Matt Whitworth spoke from a young person’s perspective on taxation, government regulation, and health care. These and many more spoke on a variety of concerns from out of control spending, to global warming, from corruption in Raleigh to the local issue of beach closures.  Citizens had an opportunity to talk one on one with Tea Party Members to learn about the upcoming elections, to speak with representatives of FairTax and Preserve Beach Access and to sign petitions ranging from support of open beaches to the repeal of the healthcare bill and the local plastic bag ban.

The Outer Banks Tea Party wants to thank everyone who came out and participated in this educational and patriotic gathering.

We would especially like to thank the sponsors of the Tea Party including:  Garry Gibbs, owner of All Kinds of Signs in Manns Harbor, who supplied all of our signage, John Ruggiero, owner of On-Time Marketing in Southern Shores, who generously donated the imprinted American Flags and Bryan Oroson, owner of Oroson Electric in Colington, who donated the sound system.

To learn more about Outer Banks Tea Party and to see pictures of the event, please visit our website at