In a rare moment of candor, Marc Basnight admits that government may not the solution to an ailing economy but rather it may  be the problem.  At a breakfast sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce in Kill Devil Hills, according to The Outer Banks Sentinel, Basnight said “We may need to get government out of the way. ”  Really?  You think?

After trying hard to ignore the cold hard reality of a recession for two years, our Democrat representatives are now trying on their fiscal conservative clothes.  Will you be fooled by the new suit?  Let us not forget that these same people raised our taxes last year by $1,100,000,000.  That’s $1.1 Billion.  Yes, Billion.  We saw increases to the State sales tax, personal income tax, corporate income tax, cigarette tax and many others.  And spending went up by $500,000,000.  That’s half a billion.  So they raised your taxes so they could spend MORE in the midst of a recession.  Of course Government is the Problem, Senator Basnight, and you are the defacto leader of it here in North Carolina (sorry Bev, but it’s true).

According the The Outer Banks Sentinel, Basnight and Spear acknowledge that lawmakers in Raleigh have no stomach for tax increases this year as the short legislative session convenes on May 12th.  Most likely there will not be state funding for beach nourishment projects since it will have to involve new taxes.

Ironically, the seriousness of the recession has not yet made an impact on our local government officials.  Most of our Dare County Commissioners will not go on record to oppose tax increases.  Commissioner Shea was the only one to voice his opposition to the idea when presented with a proposed budget shortfall of $4.1 million.  And our towns continue to push for a tax increase to fund beach nourishment.  Southern Shores just got on the Tax Train while Kill Devil Hills is tiptoeing around the idea, hoping it will be acceptable to voters if the money can be used for other solutions such as terminal groins.

When our legislators in Raleigh begin behaving more responsibly than our local government, watch out.