As revenues continue to plummet, the possibility of a tax increase looms in Dare County as the Commissioners remain apprehensive to make the necessary cuts.  According to Outer Banks Voice, only one Commissioner, Jack Shea, went on record as being opposed to tax increases.  It is time to let your voice be heard on this matter.

Frisco resident Brenda Conley wrote a passionate letter to the Commissioners.   Here’s what she had to say,

So you have a budget shortfall.  Surprise!  So do we!  Please don’t even think of raising our taxes – enough is enough.  You work for us – so listen to us.  We are out here suffering.  Businesses faced with the same problem cut costs.  People have lost their jobs.  We have all had to tighten our belts as we can’t just raise OUR income at will to cover the shortfalls.   This is the painful fact of the “new normal”.
Why would you ever think that we would find government agencies and government employees so valuable as to be exempt from the pain?

There is an obvious answer.  You simply tell each and every dept that they have to cut their own budgets by whatever % you need.  I guarantee it will happen!!  There is ALWAYS fat and there are ALWAYS inefficiencies in any government agency – because there is no compelling reason for them to keep their costs down.  So give them a reason.  Simple straightforward logic – run it like a business..  Think about UPS verses the Postal Service.

And please…..we are not so stupid as to believe that an emergency helicopter is the solution to your problems.  You will not frighten us into continued funding of bloated inefficient services.  Case in point – There are so many past cases that it is hard to choose just one, but let’s just look at the little fire in the Fessenden Center.  Here we are, still doing our same activities in a private building for 6 months or so, while the overly large facility sits there waiting.  It’s fixed costs have not gone away, but it is not in use.  It is scheduled to be finished soon. If it is true to previous County construction projects, I will not be surprised if it cost an amazing amount of money to fix a fairly small problem.  In truth, it could have been done in 2 weeks by local builders badly in need of work at a fraction of the price.  It also makes one wonder what the Center really ever added to the quality of life, doesn’t it?   I will not even go into the huge schools and County buildings fiascos.

And, while you are at it, make sure you cut it more than you need for just next year.  This situation is going to get far worse before it gets better.

As I said, this is the NEW NORMAL – and you need to deal with it as such.  We are NOT an inexhaustible resource for waste and abuse.  We are already suffering, and we can’t afford to fund your habits anymore.

I know you are all good people who work very hard to serve us.  But…..times have profoundly changed and our County needs to curb the urge to mother us and set us free to relearn how to take care of ourselves and our neighbors.

Brenda’s letter was posted on Facebook.  Many other residents were inspired to write and have sent me copies of their letters.  They can all be found here.  Have you spoken out?  Send me your letters and we’ll start posting them on our website.  Paste them into the Comments section below and keep this thread going.

You can email the full BOC with this link  Dare County Board of Commissioners