Craig Weber is one of two Republicans running against Walter B Jones in the May 4 primary for the U. S. House seat in North Carolina’s Third District.  I recently interviewed Craig.

Tell us a little about yourself: I’ve lived most of my life here. I was a teenager here. My Children grew up here. I have worked the waters, shrimping, clamming, scalloping. I worked construction here. I went to school here. I go to church here.  I have a feel for the fluctuating economy we have here.   I love my home in North Carolina and the people who share it with me.  When I grew up here and when I worked in Television here, we had a warm, approachable feeling with each other.  People here are a part of my ‘soul’.  They know that I just want to do ‘good’ for them.

I am a Veteran of The United States Marine Corps. I am from Carteret County. I worked in Television News for 24 years. I helped to start The Weather Channel. I worked in Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia, New York. I worked for NBC, CBS and FOX News Stations. I believe in less Federal Government. I believe in generating Small and Medium Business with tax breaks and incentives. I believe the American Taxpayer wants some respect and the American Voter has been insulted by this Administration. I will ‘do battle’ for Our Constitution.

Why did you decide to run for Congress? We are off-course and we feel it deep inside. We have to re-take our ‘Integrity’ in this world. The answers are not in spending more money. There are ‘Budget Rules.’ One does not live outside their means. The answer is not to just ‘raise the ceiling debt.’ We need a ‘representative’ and not a politician, during these times. People are looking for hard-driven and compassionate leaders to represent their interests. This Healthcare Bill is atrocious and its passage is unconstitutional. Backroom deals with payoffs and incentives, are insensitive to the American People who suffer and are in pain. It’s disrespectful, and Our Constitution has been violated, and this behavior must be confronted. I can bring jobs here and bring aid to Medium and Small Business with involvement of local banks. I have a total ‘passion’ for the welfare of the people of Eastern North Carolina. I will battle. We must take back our lives, and our country.

What solutions would you offer with regard to the problem of illegal immigration? There is a path to follow. A headline in a San Francisco paper had stated, “200,000 Illegal Immigrants march for their rights.” There are no rights designed for ‘Illegal’s.’ It’s a contradiction. We can make the process more basic, but intensely screened, and then shorten the time necessary for Citizenship. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Because of the current world situation with terrorist and threats made against America, a type of picture identification might be required. If Immigrants are in a certain time frame on the procedure to becoming a citizen, some rights and considerations could be applied. If these times call for Reforming the Immigration Procedure, then let’ do it; but, it must be enforced. Once again, benefits come from being ‘legal.’

I want anyone who wants to come to America, to be here. But, there are rules and requirements for ‘entry.’ I am tired of hearing the words ‘rights’ and ‘illegal’ of Immigrants, in the same sentence. If one is illegal, they do not have benefits, other than being treated like fellow human beings. I do not believe that ‘Birth’ here makes one a citizen. I believe that if your Parents are citizens, then you are. Our Constitution was designed primarily for Citizens of The United States, not for other countries. If you want to be a part of our Democracy; then, follow the channels that so many others have had to follow. I do not feel that the American Taxpayer should be abused, even though our own government is doing that to us now. Become legal, and then I will battle for your rights for Medical, Schooling, Employment etc.

What solutions would you offer with regard to our dependence on foreign oil and will you support drilling near North Carolina’s coast? Let me be more specific with this, and please read my complete response.  I am ‘for’ drilling for oil.  I am for Nuclear Power and Natural Gas, along with Coal Modification.  I am for Wind Energy and Solar Energy.  Who says that we have to pick one or the other.  Let’s initiate an effort to explore all of these.  I want to be self-sufficient and less dependent on energy sources from abroad.  The Good Lord gave us Resources.  Let’s use them.  My concern is not ‘what’ but, ‘where’ and with caution.  You mention off-shore drilling within 100 miles of the Atlantic Coast.  First, I say 60 miles.  Inside 45 miles, I have a problem.  I will always worry about spillage.  Water currents can take a spill to so many areas of the world, upsetting the ecological balance in a horrific way.  I could go on an on about this, especially, since I am a Meteorologist and help to start “The Weather Channel”.  Let me focus on North Carolina.  Understand this, ‘Would you be willing to give all the Coast of North Carolina up to the possibility of environmental destruction, and disregard all ‘ways of life’ experienced by the population from centuries past, let alone destroying the ecological balance for centuries to come.  God gave us this land, and gave us common sense to work and live it.  Imagine a spill.  Two water currents work off North Carolina.  The Labrador, from Northeast to Southwest, and the Gulf Stream from South Southwest to Northeast.  One, towards the coast, and the other away from the coast.   If there is any type of disaster, whether mechanical, or environmentally driven, Hurricane etc., one current would bring that spill right onshore.  The other current would take the spill, far across the Atlantic towards Europe, Africa, back to the Caribbean Islands.  Add this into the equation.  At the area where the Labrador and Gulf Stream Current parallel each other off the N.C. coast is called ‘The Graveyard of the Atlantic’.  The reason is because of what we termed in Meteorology, ‘A Hatteras Low’.  Storms brew in this area and breed what’s known as the infamous “Nor’easter”.  Put that into the equation of an Oil Spill and a Nor’easter, and there will be a massive destructive storm, carrying oil laden storm water, all the way up the Eastern Seaboard.  It would be destroyed for decades to come.  North Carolina Coast is strategically, for tourism, fishing, boating, small to medium size business interest, and vacationing.  I am ‘For’ offshore drilling in U.S. waters.  ‘Where and How’ with what precautions and safety nets, are a priority.  You have to ask yourselves, if you are willing to take the chance.  We have oil out there.  Drill for it.  We need more refineries.  We already have natural gas tapped off at two spots in the Northern Coast of N.C.  I am just saying, ‘let’s be careful.’   I will take your message to Congress.

Any final thoughts? The security and safety of This Country is paramount.  It is not time for weakness in Congress.  Walter signed the Contract With America in 1994 in front of the Capital in great fanfare with 300 others.  The Contract read, “If we serve more than 6 terms, throw us out.”  Walter Jones signed this pledge and is in his 8th term.  The people cannot see this kind of contradiction to its integrity.  That’s why we have problems and distrust.  Elected
Congressmen do not live up to their words.  Just like the Democrats didn’t listen to the
Will of The People, and passed this Healthcare Bill.  Walter didn’t live up to his words or actions either.  The voter must follow integrity and ‘throw Walter out.’  The People must see Republicans as ‘living up to their word.’
Walter Jones, after sending Our Military into harms way and off to war, changed his mind and support a short time later.  And, then said on the floor of the Armed Services Committee, someone in our government should apologize.  This undermined and compromised a Military Mission.  Walter Jones’ behavior is similar to unrest perpetrated in the Viet Nam Era.  In the mind of the Military Warrior, to see our Congressman and Leaders showing weakness and wavering support, cast doubt as to the Righteousness of Their Mission.  I am Marine Corps, and this is destructive to a battle trained troop focused on their mission.  I will not let Walter Jones’ actions interfere and disrupt the minds of Our Fighting Americans again.
Our Safety and Security in mandatory.

Walter voted against certain restrictions on ‘Illegal’ immigration.  Believe it.
Walter voted against security for our industry and factories.
Walter vote against the Port Security Act.
Walter voted against appropriations for the U.S. Coast Guard
Walter voted last week again for a pullout of troops from Afghanistan.  Only 65 voted ‘yes’
I believe The God Lord helps those who help themselves.  I believe He wants initiative.  He wants gumption, backbone, involvement, energy and focus.  Walter Jones has generated little, and inspired less.  If you are tired of the abuse to your God Given Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; then, let’s stand together and let’s do battle for this Great Country and Our Constitution.  If we have lost Faith, we must rebuild it.  If we have lost Hope, we must rekindle it.   We must take back Our Country.