Here we go again. The Democrats in Dare County are up to their old tricks again. We saw it with the Register of Deeds and we’re about to see it with the Sheriff’s office should Rodney Midgett get re-elected. Here’s the game: incumbent runs, incumbent retires, Democrat County Party Chiefs appoint a successor. Only one problem with this scenario, in this County, the Democrat Party Chiefs do not get to appoint a new Sheriff. That duty falls squarely on the shoulders of the Board of Commissioners. So if you’re a Dare County Democrat Party Chief and you’d like to appoint a new Sheriff should the incumbent be re-elected and retire, what to do? First you’d go to your local, district and State Party Convention and get a resolution passed. Check. Then you’d get on the agenda for the next Board of Commissioners Meeting. Check. Then you’d present your case to the BOC, citing all the reasons why this should be a Party function. Check. Then the BOC would pass a resolution affirming that the Democrat Party can appoint a replacement for Sheriff. Che….What? No Check? That’s right.  You can thank Commissioner Jack Shea for putting a stop to these shenanigans.

At the March 15th Board of Commissioners Meeting, the Democrat Party Chiefs came forward and made their case. Here’s how it turned out:

Ms. KathyMcCullough-Testa, Chairperson of the Dare County Democratic Party, and Mr. Tommy Fulcher, First Vice-Chair, presented a resolution passed by the local, district and State Democratic Party conventions in 2009. Ms. McCullough-Testa requested Commissioners’ support of the resolution standardizing statewide the “Filling a Vacancy for the Office of Sheriff” and bringing the process in-line with the filling of vacancies in Commissioners and Register of Deeds seats which already is consistent across the State. Mr. Fulcher detailed the statutes, history and resulting changes surrounding this issue.  Mr. Shea noted there is nothing wrong with the present system and stated he would oppose change. He felt the Commissioners should maintain the right to appoint a successor to the Sheriff’s position should the Sheriff be unable to continue in the position. No motion came before the Board.  Chairman Judge thanked Ms. McCullough-Testa and Mr. Fulcher for their time.

Where does that leave us?  There is the possibility that the Democrat Party will come before the Board again when the mood may be more favorable.  Or they may be lobbying certain Board Members to support a particular person that they would like to see appointed should Sheriff Midgett get re-elected and retire.

Let’s make it easy on the Democrats.  Let’s solve their dilemma.  Let’s elect Doug Doughtie!  And while we’re at it, let’s make sure that Jack Shea is re-elected!  We cannot afford a Board of Commissioners that doesn’t include Jack Shea.