Turnout: Turnout in Dare County was anemic:  900 votes cast from the County’s 26,000 registered voters for a turnout rate of 3.43%, the lowest in the State.

Local Results

Sheriff (Rep): Doug Doughtie beats Ryan White 77.75% to 22.25%.  Mr. White was unable to carry even his Precinct of Chicamacomico.  The entire island of Hatteras went for Doughtie by more than two to one, 85 votes to 41 votes.  Mr. Doughtie will face incumbent Rodney Midgett in November.

Register of Deeds (Dem): Incumbent Vanzolla  McMurran beat Craig Garriss 63% to 37% to keep her position.  There is no opposition in November.

School Board:  All members will keep their seats.  There was no opposition in any of the races.   Winners are Holton Bond, Margaret Lawler and Ben Cahoon

US Congressional Races

US Senate (Rep): Incumbent Richard Burr beats all of his opponents in a four way race.  He took 80% of the vote statewide and 79% of the vote in Dare County.  He’ll face Elaine Marshall (see below) in November

US Senate (Dem): Elaine Marshall beats her five opponents.  Statewide she garnered 36% of the vote and 53% of the vote in Dare County

US Congress (Rep): Walter Jones bests his two opponents in the three way Primary.  He won 77% of the vote statewide and 71% of the vote in Dare County.  Statewide, Cavanaugh picked up 15% of the vote, 20% in Dare County.  Craig Weber had 8% of the vote statewide and 9% of the vote in Dare County.


Court of Appeals: Incumbent Ann Calabria and Jane Gray will face off in November.  Calabria took 37% of the vote statewide to Gray’s 36%.  In Dare County, Calabria won 40% of the vote to Gray’s 38%.

Court of Appeals: Incumbent Rick Elmore and Steven Walker will go head to head in November.  Elmore won 29% of the vote statewide while Walker won 39%.  In Dare County, the percentages were Walker 39%, Elmore 28%.

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