Under ever pebble of sand on the beach in Dare County, a tax increase lurks.  The County is still considering a one or two cent property tax increase.  The Towns of KDH and Nags Head are looking at property tax increases.  And then of course there is the dreadful beach nourishment tax which will be a 25% increase in the occupancy tax, taking it from 4% to 5%.  In addition, Nags Head will likely have to find an additional way to tax their residents to fund the balance of the project.  On top of all that are the increases in our state sales and income taxes enacted last year and the increase in federal taxes that we are going to see starting in 2011 when the Bush tax cuts expire.

Apparently, the voices of those advocating fiscal responsibility are being drowned out by those who are willing to succumb to the Tax Monster in order to avoid the very difficult decisions that will eventually have to be made.  One of those succumbing is Republican Dare County Commissioner Richard Johnson.  Johnson supports a one-cent tax increase but says that, as a Republican, he doesn’t like that option.  According to the Coastland Times, Johnson said during Monday’s Budget Workshop, “As a Republican, I hate it.  I’d probably be a Tea Partier if I had the time.”  I can only laugh at such an absurd statement.

We must continue to let the BOC know that we are strongly against a tax increase.  Continue to email the BOC and tell them that you oppose a tax increase.  Email them at Dare County Board of Commissioners

In Nags Head, the Mayor and Commissioners are fighting over whether the tax increase should a 1-cent or 2-cent increase, with one Commissioner even thinking about a 2.25-cent hike.  Are they even considering NOT raising taxes?  Nope.  According to the Town Manager, Department Heads want increases in their departments, not cuts.  He told the Mayor and Board that “he would not have been able to “sell” a zero-increase budget.”  Here’s the full story from Outer Banks Voice:  Nags Head Commissioners clash on tax question

You can contact the Nags Head Mayor and Commissioners here with your comments.

In KDH, in exchange for a 2-cent tax increase, the Town would eliminate merit pay and COLA bonuses  for employees and trim some expenses.  They will not eliminate any jobs or implement a hiring freeze. More on this story from Outer Banks Voice:  Kill Devil Hills to consider 2-cent tax increase

You can contact the KDH Mayor and Commissioners here with your comments.

Silence is Consent.