New patrol cars and safe government jobs.  That’s what the County has planned for your two cents.

The Dare County Board of Commissioners is on the brink of a two cent property tax increase.  Jack Shea is the only Commissioner willing to vote against it.  The other two Republicans support the increase as well as the rest of the Board (no surprise there).  Will you support a candidate that votes for a tax increase?  Take our poll at the end of this post.

You heard what Richard Johnson (R) had to say at the Budget Workshop two weeks ago.  Now here comes Mike Johnson (R) supporting an increase in yesterday’s meeting.  According to Outer Banks Voice,

Mike Johnson said he was not convinced that a majority of citizens objected to higher taxes. He said that commissioners had been hit with a flurry of e-mails when the possibility was first discussed but that they had received almost the same number after deep cuts were offered as the alternative.

They are using a typical fear tactic threatening police, fire and EMS cuts.  Do you seriously mean to tell me that the Sheriff’s Dept needs 15 new patrol cars?  Shouldn’t there be cuts to Departments like the Planning Department and Register of Deeds that are not as busy as they were during the boom years?  Should the Government be funding non-profits?  With a two cent tax increase, no positions will be eliminated in the County Government.  Sounds like Government is the place to work in Dare County.  No matter how bad the economy gets, the Board will always protect your job.  If only we could all tax other citizens in order to keep our jobs!

Have you given the BOC your two cents?  They are anxious to hear from you. Click Dare County Board of Commissioners to email them all.

Give them your two cents now, or they’ll be extracting it from you later.

Budget shortfalls are temporary.  Tax increases are permanent.

Silence is consent.