Senator Marc Basnight is testing the waters for a full plastic bag ban on the Outer Banks.  Not content to restrict your choice at the supermarket, Home Depot and other bigger stores, Basnight would like to see the ban implemented in every small business on the Outer Banks.  Can our small businesses really afford a mandate like this?  Click here to read the text of the current bill .

Did you know that producing paper bags costs more and requires more oil than the plastic?   Did you know that most people re-use their plastic bags?  Check out this Reason article to learn more about the paper/plastic debate.

Before moving forward with this massive nanny state mandate, Senator Basnight is soliciting feedback.  According to a letter sent from his office to 600 business across Dare, Hyde and Currituck Counties, he would like to know if there is support for a full ban.  Click here to see a copy of the letter.  He is also asking the NC Department of the Environment and Natural Resources to study the impact that the ban has had on businesses, consumers and pollution.  Funds for that study are in the budget for next year (a fine use of taxpayer money).  In a recent interview, Basnight stated that he has only received five negative responses to his letter.

Please let Senator Basnight know what you think of the ban by calling or emailing him.  His office number is 919-733-6854.  You can email him here. Marc Basnight email

It will be fun to see the look on his face when he is handed the repeal petition that already has over 200 signatures and is growing daily.

The ban on plastic bags is just one of several kingly mandates that he’d like to impose on us serfs from his throne in Raleigh.  Take a listen to this recent interview where he discusses his green ideas.

As you can see, the pilot plastic bag program was just the beginning.  Mandated trash bins, mandated recycle bins, mandated re-usable bag usage are all in our future.   Look what’s going on in San Francisco right now.  They were the first city in the country to ban plastic bags.  Shoppers proved resistant to re-usable bags and have been opting for paper.  Now paper bags are a target.  Check out these New York Times article.  Do you want the Outer Banks to become the San Francisco of the East Coast where the nanny state knows no bounds?

Silence is consent.

What is your take on the plastic bag issue?  Weigh in, take our polls.