I wanted to share this un-edited comment with you.  It was posted last night on this blog.

Well, I am a local, born and raised down there on the beach, Dare County. Here’s the problem. It’s the “good-ole boy, party-bosses” corrupt system that dominates. I don’t know the exact percentage, but I’d be willing to bet that a great percentage of people living in Dare County depend on government in one shape or form for their livelyhood, their paycheck. Then when times get tough, they complain, but never point the finger at “the system” or those who are running things, because then their livelyhood and living would be threatened. The Democrats have ruined the fishing industry (environmentalists), but Dare is overwhelmingly Democratic. Taxes and runaway inflation (caused by tax and spend politicians of both parties, predominatly Democrats, though) hurt the tourist and real estate industry, yet, the people continue to support the Democrats. Even the good Baptists and other Christians, who supposedly oppose all kinds of “ungodly” behavior, don’t stand up and say no, instead, they
go with the flow, and support the Democrats. Dare County is really run by a handful of families, wealthy and influencial, and everyone else keeps them in power out of either ignorance or fear. Sheriffs office included.
We hear all about Chicago-style party boss political machines. Well, Dare County isn’t Chicago, but it, too, does have a political machine with party bosses. Boss Hogg is a real person, and his name in reality is probalbly Bobby or Marc or something like that.

Now that I’ve created some political enemies, I guess I should be glad my livelyhood and income doesn’t depend on that system!

Will politics as usual prevail in November or will the good citizens of Dare County vote for the change that is desperately needed?

Silence is Consent.