June 2010

Outer Banks Voice is reporting and I can confirm that a full plastic bag ban for the Outer Banks was snuck into the budget bill and could become law in a matter of days, maybe even by tomorrow, Wednesday.

ALL you retailers here on the Outer Banks, THIS BAN APPLIES TO YOU.  NO EXCEPTIONS, unless of course (more…)


Just got back from the Board of Commissioners Public Hearing on the Budget. I was only there for the public comments but those 10 minutes provided a good insight into what we’re up against in the battle for dignity over dependency.

Manny Medeiros spoke about how disgraceful it is to see our government encouraging people to get on the public dole when they should be (more…)

November 3rd, 2010

John Clay watched glumly as the election returns rolled in Tuesday night. “We fought hard,” he told his supporters, “but the people have spoken”. He left the crowd to make the congratulatory all to his opponent, the newly elected Commissioner.

It was a bitter pill to swallow for Commissioner Clay who campaigned on a re-election platform of lower taxes, transparent and fiscally responsible government and open beaches. “I believe that most people supported my message,” Clay said, “the problem was that (more…)

Dare County has a new homeowner!  Everybody welcome Representative Tim Spear to Dare County.  Mr. Spear and his wife, who live in Creswell in Washington County, just purchased a lovely home in Kill Devil Hills.

The couple will surely enjoy their new home.  It’s nestled in a nice secluded spot, one lot off the bypass, right across from (more…)

Come on out to the Board of Commissioner’s Meeting on Monday, June 21st at 5pm to let the Board know how you feel about the prospect of higher taxes.  Except for Jack Shea, every Commissioner is on record in favor of a 2cent/$100 value property tax increase.  Monday’s meeting is our opportunity to give the Board public comments about the budget.  Even if you don’t want to speak, show up with your (more…)