Come on out to the Board of Commissioner’s Meeting on Monday, June 21st at 5pm to let the Board know how you feel about the prospect of higher taxes.  Except for Jack Shea, every Commissioner is on record in favor of a 2cent/$100 value property tax increase.  Monday’s meeting is our opportunity to give the Board public comments about the budget.  Even if you don’t want to speak, show up with your OBX Tea Party t-shirt.  Don’t have one?  Volunteer to be a Canvasser for OBTP and get one for free.  Go to and fill out the form to volunteer.

Even two of our “Republican” Commissioners favor a tax increase.  Let Richard Johnson and Mike Johnson know that raising taxes in a recession is the exact opposite of what should be done.  You expect that much from the Dems but the Republicans should know better.  This whole episode just clarifies for me that they lack the core principles to call themselves conservative.  This is standard issue RINO behavior.  When you lack core principles on fiscal matters, you can go any way the wind blows and right now its blowing hard to the left.

The only way the Board will fill the heat is if you show up.  I know,  I know, you have other things to do.  So do I.  Meetings are boring.  Yes they are.  Its right at dinner time.  Yes it is, bring a snack.   If we don’t start holding our elected officials accountable, they will run roughshod over us.  If not you, who?  If not now, when?