Do you want to do business with people who support this regime’s policies?  Me either.  Before I part with my money, I now ask small business owners if they support Obama and his policies.   Only those who support liberty will get my hard earned dollars.

Based on campaign contribution data from, here is a list of some of the local individuals and  small business owners who supported Obama with money in the 2008 election:

  • Paul Tine, Chairman, Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce
  • David Neal, Owner, David Neal Construction
  • Alison Heyder, Owner, Atlantic Dentistry
  • Barry Ambrose, Owner, Ambrose Furniture
  • Anna Taylor, Owner, Bo Taylor Homes
  • Bob Oakes, Owner, Village Realty
  • Irene Nolan, Editor, Island Free Press

So far, two other local business owners have told me that they support Obama so they have lost my business.  They are Frostbite Refrigeration in KDH and Upscale Furniture Resales in Grandy.  If you have found local business owners to be in support of this administration’s policies, let the readers of this blog know who they are.  It’s time for us to start boycotting this regime’s supporters.