Reminiscent of John Kerry, Walter Jones, NC-3, Republican, was one of the original CO-SPONSORS of the DISCLOSE Act in the House but he ultimately voted against it. I can find no explanation online for his about-face on this bill. I can only pray that he faced pressure from his constituents or that he woke up and decided to actually read the bill the that he co-sponsored.

This bill is so bad that even the ACLU opposed it.

The bill is set to be voted on in the Senate any day now.

Here is a summary of the bill:

  • Requires organizations who do candidate electioneering to disclose all donors who contribute more than $600.  Organizations with over 500,000 members are exempt.  That includes most of the unions, the NRA, the Sierra Club and other big Democrat allies.
  • Requires organizations who do issue advocacy to disclose all donors who contribute more than $1000.  Again, organizations with over 500,000 members are exempt.
  • Electioneering is any communication for or against a candidate OR AN ISSUE for up to 90 days before an election
  • It bans electioneering by companies with as little as 20% foreign ownership
  • It requires CEOs to say on camera that they ‘approve this message’
  • The top donor to an organization would be required to appear in a tv ad
  • The top funders will have to be listed in tv and radio ads.

These measures will have a chilling effect on free speech. The purpose of the bill is to keep Democrat incumbents in office this November.   That is obvious just by looking at the sponsors of the legislation.  In the House, the bill was drafted by  Representative Chris Van Hollen, the Chairman of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee and Senator Chuck Schumer, former Chairman of the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee.

The Democrats don’t care if the bill is ultimately deemed unconstitutional as long as it keeps them in power during the rest of Obama’s term.

Here is Congressman Jones’ statement upon introduction of the bill in the House:

The American people are crying out for sunshine and reform in the electoral process, and those are issues I’ve worked on throughout my career. My presence here today is an extension of that effort. I don’t know many people in Eastern North Carolina who believe that transparency is a bad idea, or that Chinese or Russian-flagged companies should be able to spend unlimited amounts to influence U.S. elections, or that Wall Street banks should be allowed to spend their bailout money on campaign ads. This bill would address those issues.

I have to ask, does Congressman Jones read the bills before he sponsors or votes for them?  Or does he just read the talking points put out by the Democrats?  I have had enough of Walter Jones.  He is not a conservative.  He is not even the free thinker he claims to be.  He is either a Progressive wearing the Republican label or a lazy Congressman who does not read and or think critically about the bills he votes on.  He offered the same populist response to my inquires about why he voted for the Wall Street Reform bill. In any case, he has lost my vote, permanently.

The only hope for killing this bill rests in the Senate with the two Republican Senators who love being the center of attention, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine.  Scott Brown has already voiced his opposition to the bill, saying “advances the political agenda of the majority party and special interests in an effort to gain a tactical and political advantage little more than 100 days before an election.”

Contact the offices of the Maine Senators and tell them to vote “NO” on the DISCLOSE Act.

Snowe’s office:  (202) 224-5344

Collins’ office:  (202) 224-2523

UPDATE 1:  Jones’ aide, Cybil Roehrenbeck, says that Jones voted against the bill because of the exemptions that were carved out.