Last night I attended an Ice Cream Social Meet & Greet for Bob Steinburg. Bob is running against Tim Spear for the NC House seat in District 2.  Let me tell you some of what I heard last night.

Steinburg’s message was focused on job creation.  He wants to change the business climate in North Carolina to attract and retain small and medium sized businesses.  He talked about reducing the corporate tax rate, maybe even eliminating it, and reducing burdensome regulation.  He pointed out that NC took in $850M in corporate tax revenue last year but spent $1.5B in ‘business development’.  He also pointed out that our tax rates are extraordinarily high with our corporate tax rate of 6.9% and our income tax rate of 7.75% being the highest in the Southeast.  I’ll also point out that our income tax is the 10th highest in the nation.

One of ice cream socialites asked Bob if he would support an immigration law in NC modeled on the one in Arizona.  He would support such a law but he wanted to make clear that there are different viewpoints on the subject within our district.  He called immigration a difficult issue.  He said that he has talked to farmers that rely heavily on immigrant labor.  He understands their plight.  They will go out of business without that labor, they tell him.  Ultimately, he came down on the right side, in my opinion, saying that he would support an Arizona style law in North Caroilna.  However, he did also point out that the number of illegals estimated to be in NC roughly equals the number of unemployed in NC.  He did now complete that thought so allow me.

According to Pew Research Center, in 2008, the illegal population was around 350,000. As of June of this year there are about 450,000 North Carolinians out of work.  So, taking Steinburg’s remark to its logical conclusion, if we make it impossible for the illegals to work here by requiring employers to use E-Verify, then there will be a lot of job openings that can be filled by unemployed North Carolinians.  But wait, these are jobs that ‘Americans won’t do’, right?  At least that’s what the ‘experts’ will have you believe.  Well, let me tell you, if you stop paying people not to work and there are jobs available, I guarantee you that people will take those jobs.  I’ve done jobs in my life for which I was overqualified.  In fact, I’ve had to do that more than once in my life and it was always when I found myself out of work and in need of money.  Lack of money will make a man do strange things.  And each time, I was able to turn that experience into something useful.  It always led to something better.  You have to be out there doing the best you can do at whatever you’re doing to get noticed, to grow, to find new opportunities.  We are denying Americans opportunities and dignity by allowing illegals to work here and then paying Americans not to work.  It’s all so backwards.  Representative Sue Myrick, NC-9 made the same argument back in in 2006 before the economy tanked. Take a look at her arguments and data.  They are sound and logical.  The basic situation she outlines has only gotten worse and her prescription is needed now more than ever.

On the issue of healthcare, Steinburg was asked if he would support the bill that is currently stalled in Committee in the General Assembly that would give North Carolinians freedom to choose their own health care services and health insurance and not subject them to Obamacare’s individual mandate.  He does support it.  What good would a bill like that do at this point?  I’m not sure.  Should that bill become law, our Democrat Attorney General, Roy Cooper most certainly would not  do as Virginia’s Ken Cuccinelli has done and file a lawsuit against the Feds.  However, if Mr. Cuccinelli succeeds in Virginia, that would be a moot point.  Obamacare could die on the operating table if Mr. Cuccinelli succeeds.   He is fighting the individual mandate, claiming it is unconstitutional.  If it is found to be so, the entire abomination of the healthcare bill will be unconstitutional.  How can that be?  Simple, according to Mr. Cuccinelli, Obamacare does not contain a severability clause. A severability clause allows portions of a bill to be severed from the bill if those portions are struck down in court.  It allows the rest of the bill to stand.  Obamacare has no severability clause.  If one part of the bill is found to be unconstitutional, the whole bill is dead.  Check out the three videos on OBX Tea Party’s website to hear Ken Cuccinelli’s press conference after his first court appearance earlier this month.

There was a lot more said and I came away from this thinking that this guy is the genuine article.  Bottom line?  My take on Steinburg is that he’s a solid conservative with a servant’s heart.  He’s not in this for some kind of personal gratification.  He’s not doing this because he needs a job.  He’s not after power or prestige.  The man is retired and wanted to live his golden years in peace in northeastern North Carolina.  I thank him for heeding the call to public service and hope that he is successful.