It’s official. Government jobs account for more jobs than other industry in Dare County. While overall employment in Dare County has decreased 6.04% from 2007 to 2009, the number of people employed in government jobs has increased by 2.08%.  Even at the height of summer, there are more government employees in Dare County than those employed in any other sector including retail and food service respectively.  As of the end of 2009, government employees accounted for 27.25% of all employees while food service and accommodation accounted for 20% and retail 15.3%.   Data can be found here. Of the top 16 employers in the County, seven are government:

  1. Dare County Schools
  2. County Of Dare
  3. Carolina Designs Realty Inc
  4. East Carolina Health Inc
  5. Village Realty & Management Service
  6. Food Lion Llc
  7. N C Department Of Transportation
  8. Wal-Mart Associates Inc
  9. Harris Teeter Inc
  10. Tandem Inc Dba Mcdonalds
  11. National Park Service
  12. Barrier Island Realty Inc
  13. State Of Nc Dept Of Environment And
  14. Home Depot Usa Inc
  15. Town Of Kill Devil Hills
  16. Town Of Nags Head
  17. Sanderling Resort & Spa
  18. Spencer Yachts Inc
  19. Hatteras Realty Inc
  20. Spm Resorts Inc
  21. Sun Realty Nags Head Inc
  22. K Mart Corporation Intl Hdq
  23. Young Mens Christian Association Of
  24. The Dunes Restaurant Inc
  25. Outer Banks Blue Realty Services

As long as Government continues to offer job security and  lavish fringe benefits, it will only grow as the preferred employer.  A recent study by Civitas shows that wages of government employees in North Carolina increased by 34.5% from 2000 to 2009 while private sector wages grew at only 27%   When you factor in benefits, government compensation is roughly 20% higher than private compensation.

This growing disparity between the haves and have-nots (those who HAVE a Government Job and those who do not) adds tension to an already disgruntled citizenry.  Many retailers employ students from overseas, construction jobs are often done by immigrants (some legal, some not),  the bottom has fallen out of the boat building business and the government continues to make life impossible for the fishing industry and the small business owners on Hatteras Island.

A question to our Dare County Commissioners:  do you see why we’re angry about a tax increase?  What are your solutions to our long term employment problems in Dare County?  We hired you to protect our interests and all you’ve done is hide behind the skirts of government, all the while patting yourself on the back for avoiding government layoffs.  And who has to pay for your weakness?  We the People, the good taxpaying citizens of Dare County, that’s who.  Enough is enough.