With the upcoming recess, I was looking forward to a chance to speak to my Congressman, Walter B Jones (R).  However, instead of planning any town hall style meetings, Congressman Jones sent out a “Town Hall By Mail” brochure.  Why bother actually talking to those pesky constituents when you can ‘hear’ what they have to say by seeing what boxes they checked on a form?  Why bother driving all over your District, meeting with the people, when you can read their responses resting comfortably in your easy chair?  Oh, I know why, I see the answer in your fancy brochure.  You’re doing it for us; so that we can “attend in the comfort of our very own homes”.  How thoughtful!  Get in the car and drive, Walter.  It’s not supposed to be easy.

You’ve all probably received your Town Hall By Mail brochure.  How do you like the hypocrisy of that ‘We the People’ on the front?  If our Congressman understood the significance of that phrase, he’d be out here meeting with us, answering the hard questions.  Questions like:  Why did you vote for the monstrosity called ‘Wall Street Reform’ when it did not reform anything but rather created another government monster supposedly designed to protect us, the poor, dumb consumer?  Why did you co-sponsor the DISCLOSE Act which was a blatant attempt to keep Democrats in office by putting unconstitutional and un-american restrictions on free speech, an act which even the ACLU opposed?  Instead we get the same old, same old from our same old Congressman.  And what do y’all make of Walter joining the Tea Party Caucus in the House?  Does that convince of WBJ’s bond fides as a conservative?

It’s clear that Walter is trying to duck his constituents.  He’s hoping that if he drapes himself in the trappings of the Tea Party movement, we won’t notice that he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  We see through it Walter.  We are not fooled.

Below is the email that I received from his office today when I called to inquire about Town Hall Meetings:

Thank you for the voicemail. Congressman Jones frequently visits all 17 of the Eastern North Carolina counties he is privileged to represent.  His visits are publicized by the churches, civic groups, businesses, municipalities and other groups that host him.  If I become aware of any public events in your area, I will let you know.

Not a half hour later I opened my mail and found the fancy brochure so I dashed off the following reply:

Ms. Norton, I received a glossy ‘Town Hall by Mail’ Flyer today from Congressman Jones.  Based on your note below and this document, it seems to me that my Congressman has no real interest in speaking to and hearing from his constituents.  I want to talk face to face with my Congressman.  The few times he has been to Dare County, he’s had to dash right off for some other more important engagement.  That happened at our Lincoln Reagan dinner, at a luncheon he spoke at over the summer and even at our Third District Convention.  I am very dismayed that my Congressman does not think it is important to hear, with his own ears, what is on the minds of the people that he represents.  Please pass along my sentiments to Congressman Jones.

Let Congressman Jones know that he has an obligation to meet with his constituents face to face.  You can find his contact info here.