Basnight got some free advertising for his June fundraiser courtesy of a publicly distributed email from the town of Kill Devil Hills.

According to the News and Observer, KDH Town Clerk Mary Quidley used a public email list, normally reserved for distribution of public information like crime alerts and weather bulletins, to advertise for the event.  It all started when Basnight’s campaign sent her an email asking her to ‘let everyone know’ about the event.

“I turned right around without giving it a world of thought, and I sent the thing out to our distribution list,” Quidley said. “I did it because I figured it was something our citizens might want to know about, not thinking that I was supporting the campaign.”

This is just another example of the all too cozy relationship between Basnight and our local governments .  Does anyone think this the first time such an ‘oversight’ has occured?

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