In response to a reader’s request to see the original emails, five of the relevant emails are posted below.  Not sure how well these images will post so there is a PDF link above each image.  You can also see the five emails here.

In the email below, there is an exchange between Lee Nettles and Commissioner Judge. Judge asks about DCTB bank rolling inventories of two types of bags. Nettles responds and asks if the County or Chamber are going to pitch in financially.  Nettles also discusses how he can justify this as a ‘tourism promotion’ expense.

Nettles and Judge discuss OBVB financial involvement

In this email, Katie Hall, Basnight’s Environmental Policy Analyst, lays out Basnight’s vision. There are several items from this email mentioned in my original post such as Basnight’s office contacting the vendors, the expectation that the County will have warehouse space available and the need for identical printing.

Katie Hall lays out Basnight’s vision

In this reply to Katie Hall, Nettles apologizes to Ms. Hall for whatever offense he gave in his ‘previous email’, which I do not have.  Additionally,  he asks for consent to talk to the vendors, he talks about the warehouse space available from the County and discusses other logistical obstacles.

Nettles replies to Hall

In this reply to Katie Hall, Dare County Commissioner Chair Warren Judge offers up the space at Public Works.

Judge offers warehouse space

In this last email, Katie discusses her conversation with International Paper and why they may be a better choice for a supplier.

Katie Hall discusses IP as a potential vendor